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PS4 Games Discussion / Destiny 2
I would not describe it as boring as there is so much to do and the maps itself is so big that I haven't even touched on it even though I have completed the story.

I wasn't a massive fan of destiny but I respect the scale of the new game and it might be a lot of things but it's definitely not boring lol

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PS4 Games Discussion / Re: Destiny 2
Destiny 2 is exceptional and a big improvement on the original, this is the proper next gen version and it's just so epic!!
We have started to put a crew together to compete in the raids and everyone is welcome to join us so let me know here or on my discord

Fishy I really recommend you get the game as there is so much to do and with more DLC coming out with more strikes, raids, and additional story missions it will take you a long time to even gasp how big this game is!!

P.S I'm not paid by the makers of the game for the advertising
Congratulations To Aidacuk for winning and becoming the Champion of the event and it was a honour to have you back competing again.

Liam you are one of the most talented people I know at this game and either one of you can have won this and you should walk away proud for doing so well.

I want to thank everyone who signed up to the competition and made this a really good event and goes to show the talent of people we have in this community so well done everyone.

The Champions League will return again later in the year to kick off FIFA18 and find out who is the best and of course rank members.

In the meantime we are looking at what to do next on FIFA for the remaining time until the new FIFA comes out so watch this space.

I had fun running this competition for the first time in a while and I'm definitely looking forward to taking the lead again in the Champions League and beyond

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FIFA Champions League [COMPLETED] / Re: [FIFA 17] Champions League Hub
Solar has definitely been the surprise package of the competition and done really well to get this far.
I have played both Liam and Aida and they are both very good players but I think Aida will just edge it because of his experience but either person can win this so it's definitely a clash of the titans

Looking forward to this


Liam_Brown96 V Aidacuk

Saturday 24th June 2017

Can both of you post a report of this match, remember it's NOT 2 legs and it's just one game to decide who is the champion. Good luck to both of you
Knockout Stage / Re: Semi-Final Fixtures & Results
Congratulations to everyone who took part in the semis and everyone put everything they had in to it and we now have our Champions League Finalists who will battle it out to be crowned the Champions League Champion.

Well done Liam & Aida :)
The Lowdown Podcast / The Lowdown Podcast | Episode 6 | Wingin it!!

The Lowdown Podcast Episode 6




In This Episode :

In this episode we catch up on what has happened since the last podcast and also the big announcements regarding the big games.

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The Lowdown Podcast / Re: The Lowdown Update

I can announce that the latest episode of the podcast will be out tomorrow  :36:

The reason for the delay is that I've handed over the video editing to someone much better then myself and it took him a while to put it together and you will see from the quality of the visuals that it was worth the wait. The episode itself was not one of our best but had some funny moments and some good "Malc Moments"

It will be released on YouTube tomorrow and feel free to check out our discord to discuss the episode on release in our chat where we will be there too :)