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F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 10: Italian Grand Prix
Last post by bluemosquito -
It's a shame the slipstreaming in quali couldn't lead to a good result for Mclaren. Looked like some good points were on offer today. Hoping for a change of luck next week 🤞

We're getting better at that opportunistic slipstreaming thing  :D  :laugh:

Was annoying that it was your car I ran into taking both McLarens out, just bad luck I suppose.
Formula 1 2018 / Re: [F1] Stewards' Office
Last post by Michemery -
Time: 0:30
League: F1
Driver: LeeFindlay04

What Happened: He started last on the grid yet by the second chicane he manages to hit me in 5th. He brakes way too late and ploughs into me consequently meaning I’m spun round and go from 5th to 16th/17th.

How did it affect my race?
It robbed me of a chance of a podium or a good result and meant I lost over 10 positions on lap 1. It ruined my race.
Formula 7 League (F7) / Re: F7 Round 11 Baku
Last post by Twannach -
1. Thought's on your result at Monza?
Didn't participate this race, so no thought's for me
2. DOTD?
I did watch the race and I must say a really well drive from Sabetti, very happy for him!
3. Hopes for Baku?
I am practicing a lot on this track, just to get a feel on the corners, I wanna end up in the top 10 thursday so gonna do a lot of practice, car feels really good on this track so I'm looking forward to race.
4. Thought's on AUSGP?
Bit boring to be honest, but it was fun to watch. Really sad for the Haas team that Grosjean retired bc of the pitstop.