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Formula 1 2017 / Re: PSGL F1 Leagues - Stewards' Office
Last post by AMS97F1 -
F1: Myself and Lordyboy

Had my car on the outside of Ascari, intended to back off but I was forced into the grass (Or rather, squeezed quite aggressively in difficult conditions at high speed for no reason as there was plenty of space) and we both ended up in the gravel. Driver made no attempt to wait for me, and left me in an almighty fight with QPR and Maxi which I had worked hard to avoid for several laps before. Eventually ended in the above incident...

My pov (26:02) :
Formula 1 2017 / Re: PSGL F1 Leagues - Stewards' Office
Last post by BigC_019 -
F1: @BigC_019 @AMS97F1 @xJackLacey @Ccbrain

On lap one of the race, AMS broke far too late forcing me off the track and having to take to the escape road. It also caused Jack to spin and have damage, also CC to pick up damage.

Dreadful driving on the opening lap of the race.

His footage:

Stream footage (26:30):
Formula 5 League (F5) / Re: Round ten Italy
Last post by TomJ91 -
1.How do you feel about the result in your last race?
Pretty damn good, I think I had the pace that I couldn't be challenged by anyone, which was my task as I missed the race. If this Tuga is as fast as people are saying I won't be winning many more races so I need to maximize points.

2. Will you be attending the race?
I sure will be

3. Hopes for the race?
Podium this time as I think a win might be out of reach

4. Did you enjoy the World Cup?
Yes I did.
5. Favourite sports team/person?

Vettel and Ferrari if course.
Formula 1 2017 / Re: PSGL F1 Leagues - Stewards' Office
Last post by Cherry2pie -
Time of incident : Clio
Drivers: Myslef, @Ccbrain @Joelianomanu and @AMS97F1
League : F1

Myself and CC seemed to be going fine but someone has got too happy into Turn 1 on the inside which caused myself and @Ccbrain to get damage which ruined his race and hurt mine. It's lap 2 and big moves like this don't need to be made straight away when its a long race.
CC will be providing an opinion and footage soon.

My Footage:
Stream Footage: 28.06
Cc footage:
2nd clip