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F1 League Rules & Regulations / F1 2018 PSGL Rulebook
Last post by Hulkenburger -

League Placements:

Race Rules and Settings:
10.   TEAMS
15.   TYRES

On Track Behaviour:

Off Track Behaviour:


League Placements:

1) Joining a league -
1.1 Drivers are permitted to race in one equal and one performance league only.
1.2 Drivers who wish to join a league must sign up on the relevant forum thread before being placed into a division best suiting them.
1.3 New drivers will be assessed with at least one evaluation race before being placed into a league.

2) Mid-season moves -
2.1 A driver is permitted to move leagues mid-season with the consent of the respective league admins.
2.2 Towards the end of the season, the directors may impose a suspension on any drivers moving to or joining a league until the beginning of the following season.

Race Rules and Settings:

3) Race lobby -
3.1 The Race lobby will open at 7.50pm, with the host designated by the league admin(s). The session will start around 8:00pm unless it has been agreed by drivers to start at an alternate time.
3.2 Any driver who has a prior commitment should contact the league admin(s) to make special arrangements if possible.
3.3 Any decision to delay the race session will be made by the respective league admin(s).
3.4 Should you be unable to make the race, you should contact the league admin(s) prior to the race taking place, failure to attend three consecutive races without notification may result in your removal from the league.
3.5 A minimum of 10 drivers must attend for the race to proceed, a race with less than 10 drivers attending may be postponed or cancelled.

4) Car Selection –
4.1 It is up to each member to make sure they are in the right car. Failure to start the session the right car will lead to a penalty after the race.

5) Headsets –
5.1 Sensible use of the microphone is permitted during qualifying and the race, but please be aware that drivers are trying to concentrate and do not use offensive language.
5.2 Any instances of abuse may result in a warning, penalty, race ban, or removal from the leagues.

6) Race Format –
6.1 All PSGL F1 races run with the short qualifying setting, followed by a race of 50% distance, with the weather set to dynamic. Vehicle Damage will be set to full.

7) Race Rules (e.g. Realistic, reduced) –
7.1 The rules shall be set to realistic, with the strict corner cutting setting in place.

8.) Calendar –
8.1 The Race Calendar will be agreed upon by the admins and published by the F1 directors before the start of the new season.
8.2 The league admin will post the race results after the race. Points will then be added then be added to the Drivers' & Constructors' Championship standings.

9) Classification/Points System –
9.1 All drivers who complete 90% of the racing laps be classified.
9.2 Points are awarded as follows:

1st – 16pts
2nd – 12pts  
3rd – 10pts
4th – 8pts
5th – 6pts
6th – 5pts
7th – 4pts
8th – 3pts
9th – 2pts
10th – 1pt 

10) Teams –
10.1 A team may only have 2 drivers maximum.
10.2 If a driver pulls out of the championship, then a new driver may take their place under the same team name they will keep their constructors' points tally.
10.3 Drivers without a teammate may be allowed to transfer to another team with an open seat at the discretion of the league admin(s).

11) Reserve drivers –
11.1 If a league has no available full time positions left, a suitable driver may be allocated a reserve place at the discretion of the league directors.
11.2 Reserve drivers will be given the car of an absent driver and will be allocated spots based on the order in which they became a reserve.
11.3 Reserve drivers are awarded full points in the Drivers Championship but score no Constructors points.
11.4 If a full time driver pulls out of the championship the first driver to become a reserve will fill their seat.

12) Champions/Trophies –
12.1 The drivers/teams that accumulate the most points over the season are declared Champions.
12.2 PSGL Trophies are also awarded for 2nd & 3rd place.

13) Dead Heat -
13.1 If two or more constructors or drivers finish the season with the same number of points, the higher place in the Championship (in either case) shall be awarded to:
a) The holder of the greatest number of first places.
b) If the number of first places is the same, the holder of the greatest number of second places.
c) If the number of second places is the same, the holder of the greatest number of third places and so on until a winner emerges.

14) Starting the race –
14.1 Whilst failing to do so will not result in a penalty, it is considered polite to wait on the grid to allow other racers the chance to modify their strategy and prepare for the race as they see fit, this is especially advised in the case of a restart.

15) Tyres –
15.1 During a dry race, all drivers are required to use two of the three different dry tyre compounds, failure to do so will result in disqualification.
15.2 If wet tyres are required during a race, this rule no longer applies.
15.3 Drivers who qualified within the top ten must start the race on the same tyre compound they qualified on, failure to do so will result in a penalty.

16) Corner Cutting/Track Extending –
16.1 PSGL enforces strict corner cutting rules across all leagues.
16.2 If these rules fail to enforce track limits accurately, the stewards may issue a warning before a race to inform drivers that they may be punished for abusing track limits retroactively.

17) Retirements –
17.1 If you wish to retire from the race, you should find a safe place to pause the game and retire from the session.
17.2 You must not deliberately destroy your vehicle to retire, doing so may result in a penalty.
17.3 Deliberately destroying your vehicle in qualifying to gain a tyre advantage may also result in a penalty.
17.4 During qualifying retiring must be done from the pit lane, retiring outside of the pit lane may result in a penalty.
17.5 Leaving the lobby at any point during the race will result in a 10 second time penalty for the following race.

18) Disconnections during qualifying –
18.1 If someone disconnects during qualifying they are permitted to rejoin during the session and retake control of their car.
18.2 If someone disconnects and is unable to rejoin, the lobby will carry on until the end of qualifying. After which the league admins will set up a new lobby using the grid editor feature. Any qualifying time set by the disconnected driver is invalid.
18.4 Disconnected drivers who cannot rejoin during the session will start from the back of the grid with free tyre choice.

19) Disconnections after qualifying –
19.1 If someone disconnects in between qualifying and the race, the league admin(s) will set up a new lobby using the grid editor feature.
19.2 Prior qualifying results will stand.

20) Disconnections during the race –
20.1 Outside of a collapsed or split lobby, under no circumstances must the race be restarted due to a disconnection.
20.2 Drivers are permitted to re-join the race if they disconnect.
20.3 Drivers who disconnect after completing 90% of the race distance will still be classified.
20.4 Drivers who disconnect earlier than 90% of the race distance but who’s car still completes the race will not be classified.

21) New lobby settings –
21.1 Weather settings for a new race lobby will be based on the original race conditions using custom weather settings.
21.2 If qualifying is restarted, dynamic weather will be used.
21.3 The session will be restarted a maximum of 3 times.
21.4 If the session fails to proceed after 3 consecutive restarts, the event will be abandoned and either postponed or cancelled at the admin(s) discretion.

22) Lobby Collapse/Split Lobby/'Glitched' Lobby –
22.1 The actions taken in the event of a collapsed, split or 'glitched' lobby are at the discretion of the league admin(s).
22.2 If less than 50% of the race has been completed, then a postponement or full restart can be called.
22.2 If over 50% of the race has been completed, the race result can be called with half points being given.
22.3 If over 75% of the race has been completed, the race result can be called with full points being given.

23) Streaming –
23.1 Streaming is not permitted to anyone who is racing.
23.2 Streaming is only permitted by the designated race commentators.

On track behaviour:

24) Track limits –
24.1 Drivers must make every reasonable effort to use the track at all times and may not deliberately leave the track without justifiable reason.
24.2 Drivers will be judged to have left the track if no part of the car remains in contact with it, and, for the avoidance of doubt, any white lines defining the track edges are considered part of the track, kerbs are not.
24.2 Should a car leave the track it may only re-join when it is safe to do so, and without gaining any lasting advantage.
24.3 If a driver is deemed to have gained an advantage by leaving the track they must make every effort to give back the whole of any advantage gained. Failure to do so may result in a penalty.

25) Driving standards -
25.1 At no time may a car be driven unnecessarily slowly, erratically, or in any manner that may be deemed potentially dangerous to another vehicle.
25.2 During qualifying, cars not on a flying lap must make every effort not to obstruct other vehicles.
25.3 As soon as a car is caught by another about to lap it, it must allow the faster driver past at the earliest available opportunity. Any driver deemed to have attempted to block or deliberately hinder the faster car will be severely penalised.

26) Overtaking -
26.1 Overtaking must be done from the left or the right.
26.2 More than one change of direction to defend a position is not permitted and may result in a penalty.
26.3 Any driver moving back to the racing line, having earlier defended their position off-line, must leave at least one car width between themselves and the edge of the track on the approach to the corner.
26.3 Any driver defending his position on a straight, and before any braking area, may use the full width of the track during their first move providing there is no significant portion of the opposing car alongside them, for the avoidance of doubt, a significant portion of the car is deemed as any part of the front wing alongside the rear wheel of the car in front.
26.4 Any driver defending in this manner must not leave the track without justifiable reason.
26.5 Manoeuvres liable to hinder another car, such as deliberate crowding of a car beyond the edge of the track or any other abnormal change in direction is not permitted and may result in a warning or penalty.
26.6 An overtaking car must take reasonable action to avoid contact with the opposing vehicle and must not make dangerous or unnecessary manoeuvres to pass. Drivers who cause incidents through dangerous overtaking manoeuvres may be penalised. Overtaking cars are responsible for avoiding contact.
26.7 A defending car must be aware of when to concede their position to the opposing vehicle, any actions taken to defend their positions deemed dangerous by the stewards may be penalised.

27) In game penalties –
27.1 Warnings given by the game for track limits infringements will not be removed under any circumstances.
27.2 Penalties awarded by the game may be appealed directly to the league admin(s), the decision to remove penalties is entirely at their discretion, their decision on these matters is final.
27.3 Stop-go penalties which have been served cannot be removed. If the penalty is added post-race it may be removed at the admin(s) discretion.

28) Reporting to the stewards –
28.1 An incident a driver deems worthy of investigating may be submitted to the stewards after the race.
28.2 Incident reports should be submitted in full to the relevant thread, incidents without race footage will not be investigated.
28.3 Drivers have 48 hours after the completion of a race to submit a steward’s report.
28.4 The stewards’ decision is always final, and drivers should respect the results of the investigation. Anyone seen to be insulting or abusing the stewards over a decision will receive either a warning, penalty, race ban, or be removed from the leagues.

Off track behaviour:

29) Forum activity and behaviour –
29.1 All drivers are expected to have signed up to
29.2 Drivers are encouraged to actively participate in forum activity such as race threads and paddock posts.
29.3 Drivers are expected to behave in a mature and respectful manner on the forum, insults, abuse, and derogatory comments towards others will result in either a warning, penalty, race ban, or removal from the leagues.

30) Off Site Behaviour –
30.1 Whilst not essential, drivers are encouraged to participate in off site activity such as the PSGL twitter accounts.
30.2 Drivers are expected to maintain a level of decency in their off site behaviour, any driver who is seen engaging in abusive or bullying behaviour may receive a warning, penalty, race ban, or be removed from the leagues.
30.2 A three strike system shall be in place to monitor abuse across all off site platforms, on receiving the third warning, a driver will be suspended for a race. Further warnings after a suspension may result in removal from the leagues.


31) Other racing events -
31.1 At the behest of the directors, unique events may take place mid-season or during the off season.
31.2 These events have no bearing on any championship standing.
PSGL FIFA Football Leagues / Re: FIFA 18 League and Cup Discussion
Last post by humanfish -
Surely as the new football season has started a new league on here can be started now and then transferred over to fifa 19 when released?

I would be more than happy to help set up and maintain a FIFA 19 league, but it was and always has been an utter ball ache trying to get people to complete games on time. Which then leads to active players losing heart, which then leads to the league slowly collapsing. It always tends to be the same players putting in the effort to arrange games, with the rest just turning up, if they do that.

Maybe there needs to be one night on which games are played and if they are not played within 7-days a 1-1 draw is applied. Maybe a more drastic solution to ensuring the league stays on track needs to be applied. Because a league could be successful, it shouldn’t need as much chivvying as it always does need.
Formula 1 2018 / Re: F1 2017 - Race of Champions - 19/8/2018 7:30pm
Last post by Deano94DCFC -
1. What are you hoping to achieve in the PSGL Race of Champions?
I would be very happy with Top 10
2. Who will win the Race of Champions?
Anyone that drives in FP
3. What has been your highlight on the F1 2017 game in PSGL?
Not really had a decent highlight, I did it would probably be my 2nd place in Malaysia
4. Name one thing you love about the PSGL site!
Formula 1 2018 / Re: F1 2017 - Race of Champions - 19/8/2018 7:30pm
Last post by Cheater-Cheater -
1. What are you hoping to achieve in the PSGL Race of Champions?
 I'm hoping to have an enjoyable race with some people I haven't raced with in a little while.

2. Who will win the Race of Champions?
Just off what most people have said, Blizard.

3. What has been your highlight on the F1 2017 game in PSGL?
My first win was sweet. Obviously winning the F4 title at the end of that season was even sweeter

4. Name one thing you love about the PSGL site!
As many are saying, the community. This place is more than enough for me. 👍
Formula 1 2018 / Re: F1 2017 - Race of Champions - 19/8/2018 7:30pm
Last post by mrgrumpy1989 -
1 - to finish and avoid getting the wooden spoon.

2 -  Blizard, Cliffy or Jack

3 - Spa season 2 of 2017 in F4. Being near last after a 1st lap wing change, to finishing within hundreths of the win. Probably my best drive on this game apart from a dominant win at Australia that same season.

4 - The community, especially in F4. Never raced with a nicer group of people.
Formula 1 2018 / Re: F1 2017 - Race of Champions - 19/8/2018 7:30pm
Last post by bluemosquito -
1. What are you hoping to achieve in the PSGL Race of Champions?  Be happy just to finish probably.

2. Who will win the Race of Champions? I don't know everyone but I'll say Cliffy.

3. What has been your highlight on the F1 2017 game in PSGL?
Winning the F4 title of course!

4. Name one thing you love about the PSGL site!
There is no other community which feels more like home than PSGL.  Much love 🤗