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F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 5: British Grand Prix (17/07/2018) 8:00pm UK Time
Last post by bluemosquito -
What a race that turned out to be!

Managed to keep it clean on a busy lap 1. A breakaway group of Josh, WarrenHague, me and Matty established. It stayed that way pretty much until the stops, where Hague undercut Josh and Matty did the same to me. However they had both gone for the slower medium tyres. I got a chance to get back past Matty immediately and took it, just about squeezing through at the end of Hangar straight.

At the same time Hague was struggling to stay ahead so I caught those 2 up again. Josh then took the lead and Hague let me through to have a go.

A lot of laps then passed where I couldn't get close enough. Eventually though, the chance came as I got a good run through Stowe, then we went side by side all the way to Copse where I had the inside meaning he had nowhere to go. Hague also came through in the same move putting the pink panthers 1st and 2nd.

I started struggling with my tyres now whereas Hague's were fine, which was a headache for Otmar Szafnauer in the garage. I held station until my tyres couldn't take any more.

The last part of the race is still a blur, I ended up dropping to 4th on track whilst Hague powered ahead along with Matty. Then I got a gift from Josh running wide, getting back up to 3rd. Which in the end was a net win, due to penalties!

It was one of the more intense battles I've had for a while and taking full points is very satisfying. Certainly brings back some confidence that the top 2 aren't necessarily going to run away with it  ;)
F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 5: British Grand Prix (17/07/2018) 8:00pm UK Time
Last post by Betrayer46 -
Cheers Irun, in hindsight probably should have given last night a miss.

Qualifying: 13th

No practice and it showed. On thursdays practice with Frome I managed a 1:27.6. A second off that last night.

Race: DNF

Chose Softs to start on, got a good start, bit cautious so i didnt hit Dave into the first corner. Got tagged going into the 3rd corner which put me out wide down wellington. I'm not sure what happened at the left hander at the end. Lost it big time, spun into the barrier knocking my front wing off. By the time i'd slipped across the track no end of times i was 30 secs behind the next car and in danger of being lapped. Decided to pit and retire. Was willing to leave ps4 on in game til the end but got permission from grumps to leave.

Onto next week
F3 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F3] Round 5: British GP - 17/06/18
Last post by Ontothepodium -
Qualifying - P4
My best qualifying in a while. Seem to only do well in quali when it’s changable conditions. Could’ve got onto the front row had I been a bit more aggressive but still happy with it.

Race - DNF
Managed to hold position on lap 1, been a while since I’ve managed that. Stayed in P4 until all hell broke loose. I imagine Plusnet is like that psycho ex girlfriend somehow manages to ruin everything despite not being involved. Anyway I pulled over and let everyone through but I was still lagging so I pulled in and retired. Surprised I wasn’t mad in the slightest. Guessing I’m still on a high from last race but I’m missing next race so will look to bounce back in China.
Formula 1 2017 / Re: PSGL F1 Leagues - Stewards' Office
Last post by mrstim96 -
Video Link:
      Time of Incident in Video:
Adventures: 25:20 , 26:53 , 31:30(you can see him going wide at the background), 34:30,
Aaron: 40:43 , 50:30, 59:30, 1:01:00, 1:02:30
      Drivers involved: AdventuresMachine, FTRL_Aaron
      League: F1/F2/F3/F4/F5/F6/FP: F3
      What happened: Abused limits of copse several times during the race and at the finish gained a position due to other drivers having penalties
      How did it affect your race: Aaron and Adventures were promoted 1 place due to shoaibzafar having 6s worth of penalties while Aaron had 3s and Adventures having none.
      Did the driver rectify the issue: -
F3 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F3] Round 5: British GP - 17/06/18
Last post by jraybay -
Qualifying: P2

Right off the bat its tricky inter conditions to start the session so it was going to mix the grid up a bit which is always nice. I fueled the car to do about 4 continuous laps but had to abort the first one. Coming back around to start lap 2, DRS was activated and I had just passed pitlane, so had to come all the way back around as the track dried. It was a bit of a blessing in disguise though because I ended up being one of the last cars to make it back around for a flying lap, and whoever was last would probably get pole. I actually thought I was last but Rhys snuck in there and put a good lap in.

Race: 2nd

Good start, bit of wheelspin in the 2nd and 3rd gear upshifts but it was clean enough. I settled in behind Rhys because I wanted to baby the SS's so I didn't have to use the medium tire. I stayed behind Rhys until lap 9 I believe and carried on for another lap. The tires felt good but in the slow speed corners I had spun the tires up and probably overestimated their remaining grip levels. I knew lap 10 wasn't a great lap so I pitted immediately after thinking I'd rejoin in 2nd but when I came out I had lost time to Rhys and frome.

The out lap Frome put in was quite startling. He was now where I thought I'd emerge, so had to put the hammer down and try to stay close. Without slipstream it was always going to be tough so I was hoping Rhys could hold him up but Frome made short work of him and I spent a lap behind Rhys while Frome drove off in the distance. Frome and I then traded laps until the end but he was driving really well today and I couldn't close that gap. Its also good to at least finish 2nd and not lose positions. Of course P1 would be nicer but After all the struggles of this season and the poor/ unlucky results, 2nd was actually a good feeling. No drama today, good race.  
Introduce Yourself / Re: New Member PSN Thread (PS3 | PS4 | PS Vita)
Last post by Irun -
Hi everyone,
Im Alan aged 34 from Liverpool in the northwest of england,currently part of an F1 racing league online but im literally a rookie there and thought i would find more people to race with online on the days im not racing there aswell as play a host of other games.

I do play other games on PS4:

- Destiny 2
- The Division
- FIFA 18
- Assassins Creed Origins

And a whole host more (not even gonna start with my backlog lol)

Hope everyone is well and i look forward to gaming with you all.

Hey Alan, welcome to the PSGL. I'm sure people around here could play on F1 with you - we have a lot of racers on this site!

If you're interesting in joining one of our F1 leagues, you can sign up via the following thread link -