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Formula 1 2018 / Re: [F1] Stewards' Office
Last post by Racey -

Involved - PWnAge TOwN and Foogy.

What Happened - Foggy completely missed his braking point. Did try and avoid me which should be applauded as other may not have but unfortunately did clip my back left and pushed me into the wall. Wing damage and lost time cost me a potential podium.
Formula 7 League (F7) / Re: F7 Round 11 Baku
Last post by KABLO1984 -
1. Thought's on your result at Monza?
Shocking race from me, time to regroup and start over!

2. DOTD?
sabetti fantasic drive and showing he has some good pace

3. Hopes for Baku?
not to hit any walls and minimum wing changes ha ha ha ha

4. Thought's on AUSGP?
Happy for Bottas and disapointed for Danny Ric