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Formula 1 2017 / Re: PSGL F1 Leagues - Stewards' Office
Last post by TomJ91 -
Video Link:
      Time of Incident in Video: All
      Drivers involved: Brandon Glover
      League: F5
      What happened: He was causing a train between the top 3 drivers, seems to of got a bad exit out of the last corner and tries to defending position by weaving at least 3 times, i clearly make the corner even though I lock up, plently of space left, he unfortunetly hit me/turned into me which is obvious from mine and his footage.
      How did it affect your race: It didnt, just unsportsmanlike.
      Did the driver rectify the issue: He didn't get the opportunity.
Formula 2 League (F2) / Re: [F2] Season 20 - Round 6 Spain
Last post by Rohan_Rao_02 -
1. I was in F6 for the British GP and it was a sweeping victory for me so it went very well.
2. I have no clue about the pace of the drivers at the moment, so I can't really say
3. Paul Ricard seems like its a good circuit and I think it would be a nice race, but let's see tomorrow
4. F6 was very good for me, but F2 is a completely different ballgame, so let's see in Spain
Formula 2 League (F2) / Re: [F2] Season 20 - Round 6 Spain
Last post by Badboy0368751 -
1. My Britain race very well despite my spin. It was also my best finish this season.

2. Me at Japan but I think he will win every other race.

3. Too complicated because there is like 167 different routes or something like that. It's going to be a horrible circuit in the F1 2018 Game I think.

4. 3rd place in the championship with missing a race I think I'm doing rather well but I'm hoping to close that gap to Blackmamba tomorrow.
Formula 2 League (F2) / [F2] Season 20 - Round 6 Spain
Last post by Skeevan_ -
F2 - Season 20 Round 6 Spain

Round 5 gave us an action packed British GP and our first two time winner this season. VSR Charles impressed in the tricky wet conditions coming from 6th to grab yet another win. Badboy also had an impressive showing as he fought to a well earned 2nd place. We also seen great debuts from Fletcherboy (who took 3rd), ZR_Mercedes, DarrenSinclair and Wesker as they all picked up points in their first outings. VSR Charles will be looking To extend his already lengthy lead to his teammate blackmamba in the drivers standing and it already looks like the mercedes crew have the constructors wrapped up.

The Spanish GP was first introduced to the Formula 1 calendar in 1967. Since then it has been a mainstay on the F1 calendar with a number of different variations. while it is a marmite track among fans for its tendancy to produce boring races it has provided some classics in years gone by like in 1996. Spain is notoriously hard on tyres so drivers will have to ensure they keep an eye on that in the race. Rain doesnt usually affect races but drivers should still be preparing for it.

Likkle Blocks will once again be in the commentary box for the race on Sunday so remember to tune into his stream to catch all the action on sunday night.

Pre Race Questions:
1.) How did your British GP go?

2.) VSR Charles is the man on form at the moment, who do you think can stop him?

3.) What are your opinions on the Paul Ricard circuit?

4.) Are you happy with how you are performing so far?
Formula 1 League (F1) / [F1] Season 20 - Round 7: China (25/06/18)
Last post by ashbest122 -
Round 7: China

F1 returned to its normal schedule after Britain and raced at Spain, this race had, once again, the current F1 champion Ash being sent into a wall (not going to mention who did it). This now sees Ash lead by 20 points, a very large gap but due to team issues, he may not be able to participate in the last 3 races. However, Louis won the Spanish Grand Prix to take his 2nd win this season and getting closer and closer to the championship, CC and Jack follow take 2nd and 3rd which aids them in the championship.

Traveling to the other side of the world now, F1 arrives at China for the 7th round of the championship, and the halfway race of this championship. This circuit is famous for the 2007 finale, where Lewis Hamilton beached his car in the gravel trap heading into the pits, this crucial mistake awarded the Fin of Kimi Raikkonen the Driver's Championship. We will witness 28 laps of this track with 16 corners to navigate through on this 5.451km track. Shanghai has one of the longest straights on the calendar, which should promote many overtakes alongside the DRS which will be used on lap 3 onwards if dry. China is known to have a couple wet appearances, so there is a chance of rain falling upon us and spicing up the race. Pirelli bring the SS S and M tires, China is known to wear out the tires very quickly so tyre conservation will be key.

GamingAlimonda returns to the commentary box alongside Remco to commentate another round of the PSGL F1 Championship!

Lobby Settings

Host: Ash
Time: 8pm
Qualifying: Short
Damage: Full
Weather: Dynamic
Parc Ferme: On
Safety Car: Off
Formation Lap: Off
AI Difficulty: 90
All assists allowed EXCEPT braking assist and both pit assists.

1.) Do you believe rain will be a major factor in this race?
2.) What is your opinion on the quality of driving in this seasons field?
3.) Predictions for the French Grand Prix?
4.) Should the chicane on the back straight in France be removed?
5.) If you could change anything about any track, what would you do?

F3 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F3] Round 6: Spanish GP - 24/06/18
Last post by Cheater-Cheater -
1 - How did the last race go for you? Were you happy with the result?
Could have been much better than it ended up. That's racing though. Happy to get a couple of points after the incident I had.

2 - Who do you expect to see on the podium this week?
Frome will be up there again. I'll say Friso too, along with AMK.

3 - Are you a fan of the track? Favourite memory here?
It's not bad, a little difficult to get a move done though. Best memory would be F1 2017 Season 1. Started second behind Friso. He had a couple of tenths on me every lap. I tried the one-stop to counter his pace. He hunted me down on the softer compound. My stint on the hards was bloody nerve-wracking. I just about came away with the win.

4 - Hoping for some rain?
I'd definitely be open to it. Anything to hopefully get a decent result.

5 - Do you think anyone can catch Frome?
I think so, just about. We're not quite at half distance yet.

6 - Will Friso be able to score points again this weekend?
Yeah man! I reckon he should do pretty well, assuming everything goes to plan.
F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 6: Spanish Grand Prix (24/06/2018) 8:00pm UK Time
Last post by Irun -
1. Will you be racing? Yes
2. Were you happy with your result last week? Yes and no. Happy with the recovery drive, however sad for my teammate to dnf early
3. Are you hoping for some rain? Yes
4. What are your aims for the second half of the season? Keep in the fight and mount a constructors challenge for Sauber
5. Where will Ricciardo be next season? Only god knows