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{F2} Rules and Regulations
« on: January 03, 2012, 12:43:51 PM »
Updated 31/1/13

Points System
This will be the points system for the current F2 season.


A team may only have 2 drivers maximum.

If a driver pulls out of the championship, then a new driver may take his place under a new team name and must accumulate points from 0 again.

The car you have chosen must be the car you race in for the whole championship unless an agreement has been made with the League Admin.

Failure to start in the correct car will mean instant DSQ from the Race Results.

Tyres and Pits
A driver may qualify on any compound they wish:

• Option Tyres (Dry)
• Prime Tyres (Dry)
• Intermediate Tyres (Drying Track)
• Wet Tyres (Wet Track)

However, you must pit at least once and must use both dry compounds of tyre if it is a full dry race. Failure to do so, you will incur the automatic DSQ from the race.

If it is a full wet race from start to finish, you must still make the compulsory pit stop. Failure to do so will result in a 15-20 second time penalty varying on how long the pit lane length is.

Drivers must only Retire when they are in the Pits.

If any Driver Retires on track knowingly, he will face a 10 second time Penalty added to his Race time.

Drivers must not Crash out on purpose at the end of Qualifying, if caught will face a Qualifying ban for the next race.

Every race will be 50% distance of the official 2012 FIA Formula One World Championship.

There will be a 10 minute waiting period in case of any late comers to the lobby.

If you disconnect after 70% you will be awarded Half Points from the position you where in. Subject to Pit Stops.

If you are accidentally hit the Safety Car and you are DSQ in game, you will be granted Half Points from the position you where in. Subject to Pit Stops.

Stewards Office
This is a New System put in place for the F2 Season 4 Championship.

You must have video evidence otherwise your appeal will be declined.

To appeal a wrongful decision (i.e Corner Cut/Illegal Overtake/Collision Time Penalty) you must fill out the form in the stewards office explaining what happened and show the video evidence.

Your appeal will then be dealt with and the outcome will be posted in the 'Stewards Findings' section.

Each Driver has the right to appeal any decision. If appealed the case will be transferred to the F2 Stewards

Manuel Safety Car
A Manuel Safety Car will be used for:
  • Restarting after a Disconnection
  • Restarting after Qualifying Order mixed up

The lead Driver will be the Safety Car, he will control the speed, The speed must be kept consistent to allow all Drivers to get into their correct position.

At the end of Lap 1/2 the Lead Driver can choose when to take off as soon as he enter Sector 3.

Additional Notes
It would be useful when looking at incidents for pure evidence, this may come from a video or image.

If you experience technical difficulties during the race, and are forced to leave, if less than 10% of the race has been completed, a race re-start will occur and all drivers will enter safety car mode and will re-take their track position.

Consecutive arguments caused by the same person will result in a penalty or race ban.

Golden Rules of Racing

• It is the responsibility of the overtaking driver to ensure that the pass is made cleanly and incident-free
• If the overtaking driver is fully alongside (wheel-to-wheel) the driver being overtaken as the cars enter the braking zone, then the corner is awarded to the overtaking driver and it is the responsibility of the driver being overtaken not to turn into his opponent.
• If the overtaking driver is not fully alongside a competitor as they enter the braking zone, the corner does not belong to the driver attempting the pass and it is their own responsibility to give the other driver room and ensure there is no contact.

If a driver is being lapped, they are forbidden to unlap themselves unless the driver becomes considerably slower, pits or has a racing incident. Unlapping yourself may result in a penalty.

Obviously, a corner being “awarded” to a driver does not mean that the other driver has to give way. It is merely a way of apportioning responsibility to one or the other driver to ensure there is no contact made between racers.

Any driver found guilty of knowingly breaking these rules 3 or more times during a race will face disciplinary charges after the race.

Finally, if all drivers race well and maintain respect for one another then no situations should arise where disciplinary action is needed. These rules have only been drawn up as a last resort to resolve disputes between drivers if we need to.
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