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Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 6: Canadian Grand Prix (12/01/18)

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Q: 4th, I think I bottled it to be honest, had a 1.09 in me but couldn't get it together.

R: 4th, Wasn't pleased to see the rain, I'm not terrible in the rain but it's just not very nice to drive in this game. My wings were too low so I struggled for pace in the full wet conditions and for most of the inter stint, didn't really fight anyone as Jack was nowhere near me on the straights to actually try a move on me.
When the track became dry enough I pitted from 5th place and ended up getting stuck behind my team mates ghosted car, so I lost a good 6 seconds waiting for that (GG Codemasters), and a position to Skeevan. Luckily I had only the one penalty so I got 4th having crossed the line in 6th.

I came in for US in that crossover, I'm not sure if it was the right decision or not. I've heard that the SS are better after the rain. And everyone else went for the SS. Had no issues getting them to the end though.
But yeah, in that dry spell I slowly built a nice gap to Hellboy (Great drive by from him based on what I saw), never really closed to Skeevan, it hovered around 3-4 seconds and as my tyres wore it built up to about 6.5 seconds.

Good result, not much fun but that's a decent gain on a few of the guys around me in the table who had problems :D
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Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 6: Canadian Grand Prix (12/01/18)

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Qualified 12th, Finished 9th

Was the best qualifying lap I could imagine, and a precious starting position considering the wet start. I had a good start and hovered out of the points at the start. Made accurate calls when changing onto inters and dries, and was up to 8th. Had good battles with Greeny, Jack and Jamie on the way, and with penalties, managed to clinch P9 - despite there being much faster drivers behind.

It's another points finish for me and the Renault team, so I couldn't be happier - just a shame that Joel had problems in qualifying as he had some good pace here.

Well done to the podium finishers, Cliffy is really coming into his own this season and is really setting the bar high. Real impressive quality with the pace throughout the grid.
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Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 6: Canadian Grand Prix (12/01/18)

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Q 13 decent lap on wet set up

R 13 started poorly lost some positions but as the race setteld down was ok till 5 sec stop go at first pit served on second cost then my ps4 randomly shut itself off as it has been doing lately had no invite to get back in but was out of the fight then anyway shame as it looked like i was about to get into a battle for the last couple of laps oh well on to Azerbaijan