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Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 5: Monaco Grand Prix (05/01/18)

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Qualified 14th, Finished 9th

I couldn't have gone any faster on my qualifying lap so happy with that. Really delighted with my race finish as I was probably one of the slowest drivers on track. Pitted lap 1 after damage for the softs and took them to the end. Had a great battle with Jack who couldn't find a way past.

Well done to all the finishers and bigc on the win !!
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Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 5: Monaco Grand Prix (05/01/18)

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Q: 9th, Didn't do myself justice with that, crashed on my final lap whilst I was 2-3 tenths up at the exit of the harbour chicane. But I would have need a storming last sector to take 6th away from Greeny, so it wasn't a huge loss position wise.

R: 5th, First lap was predictably scrappy, got swiped by Oogie at the start, that allowed Pyne around the outside which in turn led to JD being able to get me at the top of the hill at Massinet. Mirabeau was messy as well, followed by an even more messy hairpin, at one point I was forced into the barrier (unintentionally I might add). Myself and Jack were ghosted into each other from the hairpin all the way to the harbour chicane, I didn't know what to do in that scenario so I just fought to get the position and thankfully I did. Pyne had an issue at Tabac and I cautiously overtook him for 7th.

After lap 1, almost nothing happened. I saw Greeny had wing damage around lap 6 so didn't get too close before my stop, pitted lap 8 I think for softs and then went to the end. I was very cautious all race long, just tried to avoid crashing and thankfully the only battle I had was with Louis, but he managed to overtake on his fresher SS tyres to take 4th off me.

Would have taken that result if it was offered before the race so I'm pleased. Had nothing to gain in front and nothing to lose behind for the vast majority of the race so it was more of a casual drive than a race.

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Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 5: Monaco Grand Prix (05/01/18)

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Qualifying 17th: Oh look, I was sh*t in qualifying, shock horror!

Race 7th: Embarrassing driving from some in the opening 2 laps, but it got me into the points so I guess I shouldn't really complain. Had a few scary moments after my pitstop, one with a backmarker Renault & a wild Williams, but apart from that it was another mediocre drive for a few points.

Well done of course to my teammate on winning & the rest of the podium  :113:

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Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 5: Monaco Grand Prix (05/01/18)

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Q 16 not my best lap but ok

R 10 couple of dodgy overtakes cost me 2 positions one gave me wing damage had to struggle with understeer could of got to the end on softs but crashed in the tunnell sector recovered to tenth happy with a point

Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 5: Monaco Grand Prix (05/01/18)

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Quali: Pole, Race: 1st

Fantastic lap, my PB so couldn't complain. Start was okay but Likkle went for a ballsy move into Turn 1. Probably should have covered the inside more but he did a great move so fair play to him. Pace wasn't great at the start but Likkle got damage so I closed up fast. Decided to go for the undercut, as there was a gap of clear air to ensure I led the race which I did and it worked out perfectly.

Well done to Cliffy and Ash on their podiums, also to Louis and Hellboy on decent finishes.


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Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 5: Monaco Grand Prix (05/01/18)

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Well done on the race win BigC  :113:
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