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Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 3: Brazilian Grand Prix (22/01/18)

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1.) Which driver will be the first to leave or get kicked?

2.) Top 3 finishers on Monday?
Jack, Jamie, Skeevan

3). In PSGL... would you rather have 20 career wins + no title or 0 career wins and 1 drivers' title?
Already have some wins so a title would be nice.

4). How do you rate yourself in wet / changeable conditions?
Changeable conditions, brilliant. Slippery when wet

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Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 3: Brazilian Grand Prix (22/01/18)

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Race report... !

Qualified 15th, Finished 10th.

Qualifying was so tough, I felt I had delivered the best I could on both flying laps, and unfortunately only found myself starting P15.

The race start was tough on intermediates, unfortunately I picked up wing damage on the opening lap (orange). Stayed out until it dried up by lap 5 and then stuck on the medium tyres. The tyre selection was probably a disastrous one in terms of the pace I had, as I had a queue of cars lining up behind me from P13, and unfortunately destroyed others chances of getting points.

Towards the end of my stint on lap 22, I lost the car on the final corner which is a really unlike me mistake to make, but managed to pit for softs and rejoin in P17 and last place. With cars dropping out around me, and Joel letting me through to have a go at Paudie up the road for what would be the final point. I managed to pressurise him and pass him, full credit to him as our final lap battle was fantastic in terms of wheel to wheel action, really throwing the kitchen sink at it!

Really happy to clinch the point in the manner that I did as it was really hard fought. Well done to the podium finishers and bearing with us at the grid editor restart - we wanted to ensure we had a stable lobby as possible. :)
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Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 3: Brazilian Grand Prix (22/01/18)

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Q: 11th
Qualifying was very tight.


Poor race, was pushed off track by maxi near the start and then got damage from Paudie’s Divebomb. Afterwards when the wet>dry transition period came and I pitted for Mediums... however I was fitted on to Inters so that was it really.

A bad result for myself and really sums up how I feel with this game atm. I’m currentky struggling to find time to practice as I’m very busy with my current start up company and I’m training a lot for my first full season in karting. I only really enjoy racing when I can fight near the front and currently I dont feel I can deliver that with the lack of practice.

Onwards to Austria where I hope to be able to get some mid week running in as my team mate AMS is proving to be a great addition in the F1 League and I feel it’s only right I try to help out in the Constructors.
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Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 3: Brazilian Grand Prix (22/01/18)

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Ok i edited the streams so they cut out the dead air/ talking.

Here is Quali and the Race stream from tonight.





Enjoy! See you next week.

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Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 3: Brazilian Grand Prix (22/01/18)

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Qualifying 12th: Not a terrible lap, but probably shouldn't have changed the ballast for a very short stint of rain in the race.

Race DNF: Okay first lap, but then had to deal with Maxi driving like a clown as usual & then completely destroyed my own race by pitting in behind BigC when he had to serve a pointless stop go penalty. Race was pretty much over after that, stuck behind slower drivers, pretty sure the slipstream glitch was in effect too & eventually got taken out by a wild Josh.

Just have to hope for a much better race at Austria next week.

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Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 3: Brazilian Grand Prix (22/01/18)

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Q 13 Ps4 shut itself off but was able to rejoin and get a run in

R 11 Got 5 sec stop go for ignoring blue flags at race start really cost me as i came out of the pits behind a train i should of been clear of oh well more luck for me just a shame it was bad luck hopefully next week goes better

Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 3: Brazilian Grand Prix (22/01/18)

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Q: 8th
R: 5th

Fun race, bs stop go penalty cost me a shot at the podium imo, but fifth is a good result considering.

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Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 3: Brazilian Grand Prix (22/01/18)

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Q: 5th, another good result, and especially important given the wet start IMO

R: 4th, I've got a habit of finishing 4th at Brazil, and it was a quiet race from my point of view. I got 4th around the outside of turn 1 and then took 3rd thanks to Greeny having a spin in turn 4/5. Struggled to keep with Likkle in the wet as my setup was low downforce but it was enough to hold onto 3rd going into the pits stop phase for Softs. Cliffy took 3rd off of me after ~3 laps on Softs, and then after that Oogie came quite close to taking 4th but for some reason after a couple of laps behind me he sort of faded away as a threat and got a bit stuck. He never got the chance to make a serious move.

Pitted for SS on the last stop and didn't have any threats at all. Closed down Likkle a bit in front but not enough to get him on penalties. A good showing overall and I'm pleased with the result.
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Re: [F1] Season 19 - Round 3: Brazilian Grand Prix (22/01/18)

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Q: 13th, Bottled my quali lap, i was really annoyed at the time because i had the pace for a top 4 start at least

R: 8th, good start, kept it clean in the inter conditions but my team put me onto mediums when i wanted softs. I had to hold off cars behind for at least 14 laps until i came in again, had some great battles in the midfield but ultimately pick up way too many pens for my own good