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I mean this is going well :113:

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Rotards struggles in Austria

Ater looking unstopable in the first two races this season some would say that Rotards has been knocked of his trone. A less then desirable showing Austria and a no show in Brazil has taken its toll on what was a dominant championship lead. Has Rotards undersetimated his opponents? Did he feel like noone could beat him? Martin Brundle caught up with the Force India driver to hear what he had to say.

Martin Brundle: How did you feel the championship was going after Malaysia?
Rotards: It honestly cound't get much better after Malaysia, i felt unrivaled because there wasn't anyone who could mount a challenge at that point.

Martin Brundle: Ehh, you missed Brazil. What's the reasoning behind it?
Rotards: I was on top of the world before Brazil. Huge lead in the championship and it got the better of me. I didn't see the point in showing up which if I'm honest has proven itself to be a big mistake.

Martin Brundle: How do feel about the performance this weekend at Austria?
Rotards: Dissapointed, I made mistakes not just in qualifying but throughout the entire race. Lucky to get away with 4th place. Shoud've placed better but the what if will never make me better, I can't change the outcome of the race after the fact but I do need to learn from my mistakes.

Martin Brundle: Do you feel the start of the season played a part in how you approached the race this weekend?
Rotards: Most deffinatly, it made me overconfident and that's never a good thing. It made me lazy and I didn't put in the effort that was needed before the race.

Martin Brundle: How do plan to approach the rest of the season?
Rotards: I will approach it like i did the first two rounds. I will not get cocky again and give away anymore freebies. It's has became clear that i need to do the practise, beacuse if don't than there's people ready to pounce on the oppertunity. Me and the team have looked at what we did wrong and will come back stronger next race.
Martin Brundle: Thank you.
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Bananajosh survives in Monaco GP

After Rotards wins, bananajosh survives the Monaco GP. He said in Brazil “My goal is to finish on the podium” but he miss out the Red Bull Ring until the Monaco GP comes up after Austria GP. He said to the LEGENDARY Murray Walker “On my, it was a tough track but I survive the Monaco GP. I mean their some other street circus like Baku, Singapore, Canada And Australia but it’s tough but for moment of all truth my McLaren teammate Chicken is off to F- what ever it was but I miss you. I need to get into the game and get myself ready for Canada to get some points”. Let’s see what happens in Canada, find out this Saturday night.

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The rumours of discontent in the Force India camp ran wild on Saturday night with JPGREENWOOD's absence from the Monaco GP. A few days later Rotards departure from Force India was confirmed leaving the team in dissaray. However Force India believe they have found a capable replacement in aleskiller150. Thanks to Rotards's three victories this season Force India still has a 13pt lead over Red Bull in the constructors championship. Nobody knows what the future will hold for Force India now but time will tell