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[shadow=yellow,left]Sole Renault Impressive in Testing[/shadow][/size]

In a Roker Report exclusive, we head to Spain as testing for the new F4 championship season got underway at the Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya, a chance for teams to see what they've got right, and for drivers to get used to their new equipment. Early signs showed that Toro Rosso may well be the team to beat, as they posted the first and third quickest times of the day. With only one Renault car available, Hulkenburger, back in F4 for the first time since 2016, took to the track and looked impressive in his qualifying runs; putting in the second fastest time of the day, splitting the Toro Rosso duo and showing the kind of form that saw him challenge for the title two years ago. In the race runs however, the weather turned, and the car seemed to have some trouble adapting to the wet conditions as Hulkenburger hit the barrier after 16 laps, ending his testing early. Despite this set back, he was confident ahead of the new season.

'It was disappointing to end the session like that obviously, but overall I'm happy with the car, happy with my performance.
I was a bit quicker than I anticipated really, maybe everyone else was holding back a bit, but if I can replicate my qualifying form in Melbourne next week I'll be delighted. The car was a bit of a handful in the rain, at times it was completely uncontrollable, but we can work on that and hopefully there won't be too many wet races this season as we look very strong in the dry.'

Hulkenburger on his first F4 appearance since 2016

Although Hulkenburger's teammate Curtoise was absent for testing today, he must also be pleased with the performance of the car with the first race just seven days away. Both drivers were looking for better results than last season and if Renault can maintain it's strong early showing, it may well be a more successful season than anyone at the team anticipated; with silverware perhaps a distinct possibility.

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Venom refuses to blame pit crew for Monaco blunder

After a dissapointing non finish in the opening round, Musical Venom made it four points scores in a row to put himself solidly in the top ten of the championship and with a bit more luck might have been on the podium on a couple of occassions particularly in Brazil.

In Monaco, he had superbly held off the Torro Rosso of ijsimo for 26 laps with a composed defensive display. All of that was thrown away in the pits. Having serviced his team mate half a minute before, the pit crew were caught unawares with no tyres ready for the second Mercedes driver. Agonizing time was lost and with it any chance of a podium as the Torro Rosso driver lept ahead in the pits and was never seen again. Eventually Venom would come home fifth.

He talked to reporters after the race.

"Its frustrating but sometimes mistakes happen. They have done some great pit work this season, its a pity it had to happen then but you win and lose as a team.

The wait for another top 3 finish goes on but I do feel this season so far has been far more encouraging than last season, I've certainly been in the mix towards the front much more than I was last season. The Abu Dhabi race was important, that's where I felt like I was finding speed on F1 2017 for the first time this era and that has carried on into this campaign, Mercedes is a much more comfortable fit than Torro Rosso was, that much is obvious. 

Qualifying went very well and we got a good result, if not quite the one we probably would have deserved but at some point I will put in a good drive and I won't get bad fortune which frankly has blighted my last three seasons including this one so far. I am not far from putting it all together for the kind of result I expect.

Look forward to Canada and some good racing. Cheers."

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