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F3 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F3] Round 2: Malysian GP
« Last post by Ontothepodium on Yesterday at 01:28:37 pm »
1-   Were you happy with your result in Australia?
Best race Iíve ever driven

2-   Podium for Malaysia?
Wocko, Friso, Sophie

3-   Rate the track out of 10?
Fun to watch but hate driving it. 3

4-   Favourite Malaysian Grand Prix moment?
Turn 1 2016

5-   Did your expectations for the season change after the first race?
No but my rival has now changed to Plusnet

6-   What part of the track will Friso crash on this weekend?
Depends where he tries to pass me.
Race Calendar and Results / Re: Round 6: Hell
« Last post by Defiant195 on Yesterday at 01:01:59 pm »
1)will you be attending? - Yes
2) Who do u want as a teammate next season if you could pick anyone? - Jaime-995 (to learn from the master!)
3) Pad or Wheel? - Pad (defective R2 button, can't always get full throttle)
4) Nordschielfe, Monaco or Le mans? - Le Mans rocks!
F1 2017 Sign Up & Information / Re: [PS4] F1 2017 Sign Up Thread
« Last post by lawrencepelle96 on Yesterday at 10:14:05 am »
- Your PSN - lawrencepelle96
- What days you are available to race (all races start at 8pm) - Friday, Saturday and Sunday (any day is fine for me)
- What Assists you use currently - Medium TC, Anti lock on + corner only racing line
- Previous league racing experience (if any, state what leagues / tiers) - none
- Whether you interested in Equal Car Leagues/Performance/Both - Equal
1. Yes
2. This is a good thing but no one is really standing out just yet.
3. Don't remind me. Having your race ended because of a car lagging in front of you is a joke.
4. I like it.
5. Williams are a sad shadow of what they once were. Sirotkin hardly set the world on fire in the junior formulas. If they finish in the top 6 of the constructors I'll be very surprised given McLaren/Renault along with Force India should be stronger with far superior driver line ups.
1. Will you be racing?
2. Who will make up the podium?
The first three drivers who cross the line without crashing right before it.
3. Were you happy with your result last week?
Nah, a podium was possible, but lost too much time with Simo's error, and the tyres going off at the end.
4. What's your opinion on Malaysia?
Decent and enjoyable layout, but I don't usually have much pace here.
5. Thoughts on Williams, Sirotkin, and Kubica?
Well Williams are awesome in F4 at least. In F1, they're just sliding dpwn the table since 2014, and from what I've heard Sirotkin is pretty mediocre. They might as well have taken a chance on Kubica.
Race Calendar and Results / Re: Round 6: Hell
« Last post by jamie-995 on Yesterday at 02:15:13 am »
1. Yeah
2. Not sure if i'll be back next season, so no comment
3. Pad
4. Nordschleife
Race Calendar and Results / Re: Round 6: Hell
« Last post by bananajosh on Yesterday at 12:03:16 am »
1)will you be attending? Yes
2) Who do u want as a teammate next season if you could pick anyone? Tiametmarduk
3) Pad or Wheel? Pad
4) Nordschielfe, Monaco or Le mans? Nordschielfe
Heres My video of the Australian GP

Was Better than i thought it would be after qualifying 11th although i was 1.1 up after sector 2 was looking at top 4 but just cut the quick chicane but ah well some close calls in the race like the start and with Venom and MrP but was a good start to the season
Formula 1 2017 / Re: UL Championship - Team PSGL
« Last post by mrstim96 on January 17, 2018, 09:46:08 pm »
Australia Race Edit
Formula 1 2017 / Re: [F1] Stewards' Office
« Last post by HELLBOY55100 on January 17, 2018, 07:28:23 pm »
All of it especially the end
Myself and Oogie
So quali started off dry and rain instantly came so everyone was rushing to do their laps and I was aswell. So I stayed close to oogie to get his slip stream down the straight and because I had cars behind me and the rain was coming heavy. Going into turn 1 he moves underbraking so I end up hitting him cuz I wasnít expecting that. Then I leave him room in t2. I get a good run and going up to t4 I make contact with him cuz he doesnít leave me any room and then I go pass. But then t6 I go off into the gravel and wait until itís safe to join. And he comes along side me and hits me so I get damage. I said sorry mate In chat.
This affected my race cuz I had damage and couldnít set a dry lap.
And oogie didnít fix the issue.
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