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1.Hellboy 2.Big c ,Cliffy,ash/Max 3..20 wins 4.Senna corner
1) Irun
2) Irun, Me and Joal
3)I already hav one basically so
2. Cliffy, Jack and NPyne
3. 20 wins
4. I am good
1) greeny
2)Oogie,jamie, jack
4)senna esquire
Round 3: Brazilian Grand Prix

The third round of the PSGL F1 season heads to the circuit between the lakes, Interlagos situated in downtown Sao Paulo, home to the Brazilian Grand Prix. Ashbest stormed to the win in Malaysia from 15th on the grid and claimed the lead of the drivers' championship. xJackLacey scored back to back podiums and moved level with Ash. With rain likely and drivers fighting for their careers, will Brazil throw up another dramatic race?

Catch all the action live with Gaming Alimonda and qprbeasts987 on January 22, at 8pm BST.

Lobby Settings
Host: NPyne_35
Time: 8pm
Qualifying: Short
Damage: Full
Weather: Dynamic
Parc Ferme: On
Safety Car: Off
Formation Lap: Off
AI Difficulty: 90
All assists allowed EXCEPT braking assist and both pit assists.

1.) Which driver will be the first to leave or get kicked?
2.) Top 3 finishers on Monday?
3). In PSGL... would you rather have 20 career wins + no title or 0 career wins and 1 drivers' title?
4). How do you rate yourself in wet / changeable conditions?

Previous Brazilian Grand Prix Winners

Season 3 : MrGrumpy1989
Season 4 : Bluemosquito
Season 5 : Red_Neville
Season 6 : Bakers_F1
Season 7 : Irun__F1
Season 8 : Remco Vengeance
Season 9 : Remco Vengeance
Season 10 : BigC_019
Season 11 :  BigC_019
Season 12: BakersF1
Season 13: BigC_019
Season 14: Remco Vengeance
Season 15: BigC_019
Season 16: Irun__F1
Season 17: Shortbread24
Qualifying 3rd: Not a spectacular lap, but was certainly helped massively by track position during the transition to wet weather.

Race 2nd: Steady 1st stint, gambled on the SS tyres in the 2nd stint, not sure if it really helped but I obviously got up to 2nd by the time we pitted for inters & had to contend with Jack for the rest of the race. At the time I thought we were battling for the win until I realised that myself & Ash had desynced for each so was a little deflated afterwards, but still a good result & overall performance compared to Australia.

Well done of course to both Ash & Jack.

FP Race Calendar and Results / Re: [FP] Round 3 - Brazil
« Last post by JPGREENWOOD on Yesterday at 06:44:59 pm »
1. Awful, I've been sulking ever since
2. Predictions are hard to make these days
3. Not bothered really
4. World championship
5. As the continent of Africa doesn't have a Grand Prix I'd like to see on of those countries host one, Hopefully Cameroon
1. In single player I like it but for some random reason it feels like a ice rink online
2. Yes I think there's been some great races over the years
3. Don't think so unless it's mixed conditions
4. Hopefully as it's the only chance I've got
5. Yeah all of them, F3 is my favourite as the commentator is awesome
FP Race Calendar and Results / [FP] Round 3 - Brazil
« Last post by AMS97F1 on Yesterday at 05:10:16 pm »
Formula Performance Round 3 - The Brazillian Grand Prix

A bright, dry race in Malaysia saw Greeny take victory, after a tense final couple of laps, where he executed some good defensive manoeuvres to ward of AMS's charge to the front. Grumpy would cross the line in 1st, but ultimately penalties dropped him to 2nd position, 10 milliseconds ahead of AMS in 3rd. After an excellent performance, RobotSophie came home in 4th position for Williams and Cliffy rounded out the top 5 in his McLaren.

Unusually early in the season, we find ourselves in Brazil next for Round 3 of the championship. A popular track among the drivers, Brazil is known for dramatic races and like Malaysia, it has wild weather at times, could we see it play a role in the outcome of the race? With new car allocations, it is possible we will see some new faces at the front, as the likes of Ash and Cliffy are likely to be rid of the McLaren. Can Greeny secure a third podium in a row? Will Oogie bounce back after a rough start? And will we have a third different winner in 3 races? Find out this coming Tuesday at 8pm.

Date: 23th January
Damage: Full
Qualifying: Short
Race: 50%
Track Limits: Strict
Weather: Dynamic

1. How do you feel about your result last race?
2. Who will finish in the top 3 on Tuesday? Who will take pole?
3. Are you happy with your new car / What do you realistically expect for your new car?
4. In real life terms, would you rather win 30 Grand Prix, or 1 World Championship?
5. Which new country/countries would you like to see host a Grand Prix one day?

F3 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F3] Round 2: Malysian GP
« Last post by flyingfrome on Yesterday at 04:20:04 pm »
1-   Were you happy with your result in Australia?
Shame I lost out to Sophie on pens but thanks to Friso a podium is a nice result!

2-   Podium for Malaysia?
Friso, Sophie, Frnk

3-   Rate the track out of 10?
7, itís fun to drive and plenty of overtaking

4-   Favourite Malaysian Grand Prix moment?
JB winning in the rain!

5-   Did your expectations for the season change after the first race?
No still hoping for a few podiums and top 5 finish

6-   What part of the track will Friso crash on this weekend?!!
It will happen in qualy  8)
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