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« on: December 27, 2017, 12:44:14 pm »
To all of those that have played 10 games or more this does not apply to you.

Everyone who has played 8 games or less needs to get games played asap.

Soy and Josh you are on 6. If this doesnt improve by the weekend there are people that will take your place. You have been warned

Hi guys, here are the teams for the up and coming season; You have until Friday to swap with anyone if you wish to and both agree. The draw is as follows:

1 - LiamBrown - MARSEILLE
2 - mrstim96 - LYON
3 - mrgrumpy1989 - PSV
4 - lampy1 - ZENIT
5 - Boywithnoface - CRYSTAL PALACE
7 - Cocogym - RB LEIPZIG
8 - Fragglepaul - FENERBACHE
9 - xRossi21 - LEICESTER
10 - JPGreenwood - OGC NICE
11 - SoyBarca - SOUTHAMPTON

PSGL FIFA Football Leagues / FIFA 18 Season 1 Team Choice
« on: November 03, 2017, 02:15:06 pm »
Hi guys we have 10 members for the first league on this site, The teams star rating are 4* and will be randomly assigned numbers. If the 10 members could post a number below i will assign the teams to you. The last team left I will take myself.

1 - LiamBrown
2 - mrstim96
3 - mrgrumpy1989
4 - lampy1
5 - Boywithnoface
6 - VDS
7 - Cocogym
8 - Fragglepaul
9 - xRossi21
10 - TBC

RB Leipzig

There will also be a few days for a transfer window to change teams with people. Good Luck!!

PSGL Challenge League / FIFA 18 Challenge League - Season 1 - SIGN UP
« on: November 03, 2017, 02:05:01 pm »
Hi guys,

For all the people that want to take part in the return of one of the sites most popular league just post your name below. This will run along the side of the main league season. Gives people the chance to play each other and keep the site members close together. It will run for 30 days and i'm happy to add people into this one as the season goes on. I'd like to start it in the next couple of days

The rules are as follows.

Challenge League  Rules

Each season lasts for one month and members can challenge each other twice during the season's length. At the end of each season, the member who is top of the leaderboard will be crowned the champion of the league for that season.

Points Allocations:

Win: 3 points  Draw: 1 Point   Loss: -1 Point


- You are allowed to use any team at your own discretion.
- If an opponent chooses an international team, both players have to agree to use an international team.


1. You can only challenge members who are registered for the league you are challenging to play and must also be a registered member on site.

2. You can challenge members via any method of communication, such as email, forum, personal message, and PSN chat

You can only challenge and play the same member four times during a season.


1. All matches must be played in their entirety and all results must be posted straight after the match.

2. The host (Home Team) must host and invite the opponent to play.

3. A "Lag Test"  must be completed prior to starting the match (5 minutes of gametime). This is a test half that doesn't count and uses the standard game settings that will be used during the match. If the host lags during this test. The options are as follows: EITHER requesting a postponement so that an acceptable host can be found OR, contact a referee or admin.

4. Each time there is a change of game host, a lag test has to be done before continuing the match.

5. In the event of a room drop, the match will resume from where it left off at the start of the previous round, with the same scores, sides, teams, etc. The round is to be started afresh.

6. Each match will be played as a best of 1. In the event of a draw after 90 minutes then the result will count as a draw.

7. Once you have played your match both teams must post the result in the correct league section and we will update the score within 24 hours.

Other Rules

1. Members are not allowed to play in our leagues using multiple accounts and breaking this rule will result in being removed from the league.

2. No cheating, reporting false results, or abusive behaviour is tolerated and will result in removal from the ladder league and could face a forum ban.

3. Any decision made by an admin is final and cannot be challenged.

4. We reserve the right to remove any member for breaking rules of the league or forum, and for showing inactivity.

This is something different - Any cup competitions will start after the first season of the challenge league as I would like to make that as big as possible! See you on the pitch


Liam_Brown96 (Bobjim__123)

FIFA Champions League [COMPLETED] / Whos your Favourite?
« on: May 09, 2017, 09:39:38 pm »
Who is everyones favourite?
Dark horse?

FIFA 17 - Premier League Simulation / CONTACT YOUR OPPONENTS
« on: October 18, 2016, 03:59:52 pm »
Post below

FIFA 17 - Premier League Simulation / Pre Season Friendlies
« on: October 17, 2016, 03:05:30 pm »
Post pre season results below..

FIFA 14 [PS3] / Fifa World Cup - Whos your favourite?
« on: June 14, 2014, 05:26:46 pm »
My favourite is Mike , may have a weak defense but he should be able to outscore anyone with Argentina lol

FIFA 14 [PS3] / Predictions
« on: May 17, 2014, 04:41:16 pm »
So we have all played at least a couple of days so lets get your predictions for the top 3 and why??

My prediction:
Michael Holiday - Winner - Started well and has found a team that he enjoys playing with to go with his great fifa ability.. will be tough to beat.

Macphee - Runner Up - I lost to this guy and he is very good on the counter... a potential dark horse

JakeWarrior - 3rd - Played him many times and whens hes playing well he is very difficult to beat... if he doesnt have many bad games he will do well

FIFA 14 [PS3] / 1v1 Anyone?
« on: December 22, 2013, 06:41:01 pm »
Anyone wonna play? I see we have a few different members from last season to spice things up :)

Add me if you want a game :)

Bobjim123 ( PS3 BTW )

F1 Archives / Cya F3
« on: July 13, 2013, 07:11:25 pm »
I'm leaving F3 for a few different reasons some of which Godfather is aware of. Good Luck and Goodbye

Squads / Liam_Brownn96 (Bobjim123 Squad)
« on: April 06, 2013, 12:51:29 am »
Club Name: Insane xD Team Name: Revolution xD
Home stadium: Stade Kokoto
Coach:  L. Spalletti
Formation: 442

Home Kit: AC Milan
Away Kit: Real Madrid

1 Mandanda (GK)
2 Ruffier (GK)
3 Mangala (CB)
4 Yanga-M'Biwa (CB)
5 Koscielny (CB)
6 Sahko (CB)
7 Walker (RB)
8 Debuchy (RB)
9 Cissokho (LB)
10 Tremoulinas (LB)
11 Biabiany (RM)
12 Lennon (RM)
13 Sako (LM)
14 N'Zogbia (LM)
15 Diaby (CM)
16 Rodwell (CM)
17 Cabaye (CM)
18 Sissoko (CM)
19 Long (ST)
20 Kone (ST)
21 Remy (ST)
22 Mirallas (ST)
23 TBC

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