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Invalidated my lap on my first run, pit in after that to put some inters on and get some wet weather testing, eventually I managed 15th.
Well... I don't think anybody would have expected me to win from there but it wasn't easy. I started on Softs and was hoping to last them till the rain. Next, I got off the line better than most, jumped 2 people getting into 13th, soon enough I made my way up to Hellboy in 10th. I decided to be patient, wait for the right opportunity to strike, eventually, I got past him, then I started chasing AMS/BigC in 9th and 8th. Once I caught up to them, I was in P4 because of the SS runners having to pit, and stayed behind AMS for a couple of laps, BigC pit and soon after I made the move on AMS, putting me in the lead of the race. By then, I just focused on keeping my tyres healthy and getting away from cliffy, he had to pit on lap 15 so I relaxed. One thing that was regularly happening was jamie's desynced car getting in my way, was annoying but oh well. Cutting to lap 18, rain had come, still in P1, I pit and came out about 8 seconds up the road to 2nd. From there on to the finish I was being careful, didn't want to make any mistakes and got myself across the line in 1st, doing a Friso OVER the line.

Also this McLaren is getting heavy, REMCO I NEED YOU!!!

Formula 6 League (F6) / Re: F6 Constructor's Championship
« on: Yesterday at 06:43:48 pm »

After Australia

Formula 6 League (F6) / Re: F6 Driver's Standings
« on: Yesterday at 06:42:35 pm »

After Australia

I'm able to race all days. Just prefer to start at a lower division... No traction, abs on. TMC last man standing #1. TUF racing league im currently in. This league has been highly recommended
Sorry for the late response, we can take you, will message on PSN.

Thanks everyone! Hopefully you guys enjoyed watching the race!

FP Race Calendar and Results / Re: [FP] Round 2 - Malaysia
« on: January 15, 2018, 01:21:25 pm »
1. How do you feel about your result last week? Could have been better but after a crash on lap 6 I think I did pretty well.
2. Who will finish in the top 3 on Tuesday? Who will take pole? AMS, Friso (If he doesn't bottle it on the line  :21:) and FlyingFrme
3. What's your opinion on Malaysia being gone from the Calendar in 2018? Love the racing on the track, sad to see it go but I don't like racing on it so basically I'm even on it.
4. What is the most important trait a driver can have in league racing? The ability to be fast and keep being fast lap after lap aka consistency.
5. Which individual race is the most important/prestigious in Motorsport? Le Mans 24 Hurs, Indy 500 and Monaco, 3 legendary races in motorsport.

F3 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F3] Round 1: Australian GP
« on: January 14, 2018, 11:23:38 pm »
Friso, friso, friso.. in some 7 years I've never seen a more tragic ending since Leonardo not sharing the door in Titanic, an absolutely hilarious tragedy.

My friend all that effort for 28 laps wonderfully capitulated.

Can somebody make a short video of the incident using the titanic theme 😂.
I was desperate to run it on stream but stupid copyright gets in the way

1.) What do you make of the league's inability to conduct a clean first lap?
It's a street circuit, of course it could've been cleaner but no one is coming out alive in lap 1 on Australia.
2.) Top 3 finishers on Monday?
Jack, Cliffy and Maxi
3). Who impressed you the most in Melbourne?
AMS, really good pace, my F3 rival so hopefully I can comeback.
4). How important or unimportant is 'experience' in league racing?
Experience is needed to be a good driver, to race wheel-to-wheel and do strategic maneuvers on people is very important in racing and without that you are pretty easy to defend against, this is only my 4th season in league racing and I've learned a lot, hopefully F1 can give me experience that I would've never imagined.
5). Who is the man to stop BigC?

F1 2017 Sign Up & Information / Re: [PS4] F1 2017 Sign Up Thread
« on: January 10, 2018, 01:13:56 pm »
Abs, tc medium, racing line
I would like to participate F6
Will message you on PSN.

F1 2017 Sign Up & Information / Re: [PS4] F1 2017 Sign Up Thread
« on: January 08, 2018, 01:14:38 pm »
PSN : Ap0ll0_z1633
Assists : Medium traction control and corner line
Race days : Any day
Past league: HRL
Performance: Equal cars preferred but performance is okay aswell
Will message you on psn.

FP Race Calendar and Results / Re: [FP] Round 1 - Australia
« on: January 08, 2018, 01:13:57 pm »
1. Happy with your new car? Not at all, love the McLaren on equal but awful in performance.
2. Who are your main rivals this season? Cliffy, AMS, Oogie and Greeny, you know, the front runners.
3. Have you found any pace in the off season? Yes, I just keep on improving.
4. Do you prefer a car with understeer or oversteer? Love my oversteer  :D

F1 2017 Sign Up & Information / Re: [PS4] F1 2017 Sign Up Thread
« on: January 04, 2018, 01:30:59 pm »
Abs, tc medium, racing line
I would like to participate F6

Will msg you in PSN.

Formula 6 League (F6) / F6 Teammate Selection Thread
« on: January 02, 2018, 03:56:53 pm »
This is the teammate thread for Season 2 of F1 2017 F6, choose your teammates wisely as once they are picked you won't be able to move teammates!

Confirmed Teammates:

Footballboy16230 and Lushendrick15

sss4897 and amd1711

Humbostone and tommytherod

MorrisGuy2012 and XxWee_Rhys_xX

Mertjon and vakisinmakaaja52

Random teammates:

hamiltonf1driver and SepiDN

tkdive and Timmeh_15

Uivalf39 and trevisbest

joruroo_nl and Betrayer46

Teammates done!

1.) Hopes and aims for the forthcoming season? Top 5 finish in the Driver's and get Remco to be my teammate for the full season.
2.) Top 3 finishers on Monday? Oogie, Cliffy and Greeny
3). Australia or Bahrain as the first race? Australia ftw
4). Your main rival(s) this season? Oogie, Greeny, Cliffy, AMS and BigC

FP Race Calendar and Results / Re: FP Round 0 - Russia (2nd Jan 2018)
« on: January 01, 2018, 12:41:54 pm »
1. Will you be attending the race? Yup
2. What are you goals for the coming season? To fight for a top 5 finish and get a teammate to stay with me for a whole season.
3. Favourite track on the PSGL calendar this season? Baku/Japan/Britain/Mexico
4. Any New Year's resolutions? Nah, never meet them anyways.

Formula Performance Championship (FP) / Re: S2 2017 - Driver Sign ups
« on: December 31, 2017, 11:40:20 pm »
Wait... I'm racing and commentating?... Should be a fun challenge.

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