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Audi R18 TDI
Teammate and Car Selection Thread

Please use this framework to announce your team and car

Team (Members of your team)

Car (In order of preference)

Confirmed Teams

Team Toyota (TSO40) - Shortbread24, Jake_lfc01 and Sambamkid
Team Marek (339ph LMP1) - Jaydot91 , Xpancho23x and MarkDemamd
Team Audi (R18 TDI) - FlyingFrome, Kablo and ?
Team RWD (RWD LMP1) - Qprbeasts987, Parkwaydrive2010 and Gamer

F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 9 - Brazilian GP
« Last post by mrgrumpy1989 on Yesterday at 04:06:55 pm »
Qually - 3rd

Could have gone a bit quicker but messed up my last run. Still happy with a 10.6 though.

Race - 1st

We all knew that it was going to rain at some point in the race, but we didn't know when. It started raining during the formation lap which was unexpected. A cautious start from everyone. I almost lost it at turn 1 after slightly touching the grass on the right, but held it together. Was keeping up with Hague and Friso. Friso seemed to be struggling a bit and I got him with DRS at the end of lap 3. He and Venom had a coming together on lap 5, so it left me and Hague out in front with a gap to the rest. I kept with Hague until we both pitted for inters on lap 6.

In this stint, Hague was quicker than me and the gap got up to 2.5 seconds, but then we started matching each other. Towards the end of the tyre life and when it was starting to dry out, I got the gap down to 1.6 seconds. At the end of lap 21 though, I had a tank slapper and hit the wall hard, that should have really knocked my wheel off. Heart in mouth like my win at Spa. To my surprise though, I didn't even get any damage.

I pitted straight away for hards after that, despite it being a lap too early. My inters wouldn't have lasted another lap though. I came out in 4th and din't have any initial grip, but that only lasted 2 corners. By the time Hague had pitted, I undercut him and was 5.5 seconds clear in the lead. I had a 3 second penalty though, so needed to keep clear of him by 3 seconds.

He was flying though, and at start of the last lap, the gap was down to 2.5 seconds. I pushed so hard on that lap and somehow managed to gain 7 tenths to finish 3.2 seconds ahead. Phew!!

2nd win of the season when coming into the season, I thought it would be a repeat of the last 2. Enjoyed this season immensely.

Hague probably deserved the win more than me though. Excellent drive.

F6 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [Round 9] Grande Prêmio do Brasil
« Last post by stephenl-95 on Yesterday at 02:27:36 pm »
Qualification went well but when I saw an all wet forecast for the race i kind of got demotivated, couldnt find the pace in the race to contest the leader. Had an awesome race battle for second which lasted a couple of laps, and drove as number one for maybe one lap so not bad at all.

Qual - 2nd
Race - 3rd
FIFA Champions League [COMPLETED] / Re: [FIFA 17] Champions League Hub
« Last post by Liam_Brown96 on Yesterday at 12:29:34 pm »
Who would fancy a One Night Only Cup tomorrow night? Late notice but i dont mind organising it. Max 8 players. To start at 7ish
Formula 1 League (F1) / Re: [F1] F1 League Fan Discussion: Brazilian GP
« Last post by AMS97F1 on Yesterday at 01:00:11 am »
1. Will you be watching the Formula 1 Brazilian GP on Monday?

Yeah most likely

2. Who do you expect to see on the podium?

Pyne, Oogie and Hun - No idea what order.

3. Who is your Fan Favourite?

I like Pyne, Hun and probably Oogie - all 3 are class drivers.

4. Have you watched the F1 Championship unfold this season, what are your thoughts?

Yeah I've paid attention to it. As Big C said, looked early on like Remco was going to walk to the title but then he's faltered the last 3 races and thrown it wide open. Pyne has had some unlucky races and could easily be right up there, he'll be disappointed with how its gone to this point. But he's good enough to win F1 one season. Oogie had a rough start but has really come on lately. And Jack Lacey has just been there or there abouts all season, very consistent, a respectable season from him.

5. Can you see yourself ever racing in F1?

I really doubt it, I'm not quick enough for it.  Plus I prefer racing on Sunday, I'm always available on a Sunday.
F1 League Rules & Regulations / Re: Suggestions for Future Rule Changes
« Last post by AMS97F1 on Yesterday at 12:42:46 am »
Not sure this is the place for  putting counter arguements, but I don't really like the idea of sim damage in the top leagues. It's easy enough as it is for someone to ruin your race (or to ruin your own) without the addition of sim damage. It takes the fun out of it a little.

The current format works really well, it's a lot of fun.
Q: 1st (OSQ)

R: 4th - A very eventful race, lots of overtakes and battles. I've yet to have a boring race here - and it is my second 4th place in a row here too. The start was a big rough, dropped to 3rd by the third sector of Lap 1. Managed to regain the lead on lap 2 or 3 though. Pitted on lap 5 for hards, my pit crew took far too long to change tyres and dropped me 4 positions. I passed 2 of the cars but I just lost so much time to Narayan doing it. Shorty after I passed dougie he lagged into me, which lost me just under 3 seconds. Not his fault, but that 3 second gap allowed Unomi to be 3.6 up the road after his stop rather than the few tenths it might have been! That and being stuck behind Sau Paulo for 3 laps cost me dearly.

Pitted end of lap 21, put a move on curt around the outside of t3 and then on fraggle in to t4 a few laps later after he collided with Milanpop in t1.

After that I spent the rest of the race defending 4th from Fraggle. An alright race all in all, could have been worse but equally could have been better. It was a nice race to drive with a lot of battles so it was a fun way to round off Sunday :)

And the good news is, despite RDO's bad luck, McLaren are still doing fine in the table  :D
Formula 1 2016 [PS4] / Re: PSGL F1 - Stewards Office
« Last post by coyle8 on June 25, 2017, 11:13:37 pm »

Time: 11secs
Drivers: coyle8 curtoise95
What happened: entering turn 3, was pushed off track by curtoise95 after he had rejoined track
How did it affect my race: was running p5, did well to keep it out of the wall, pushed me back several positions with dirty tyres, p12 after
Did driver rectify: no but apology following the race

F3 league

PS4 Games Discussion / Re: Metro Exodus Discussion [PS4 | PC]
« Last post by teddyuk on June 25, 2017, 10:54:45 pm »
Does look good this game, definitely worth checking out
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