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PS4 Games Discussion / Re: F1 2017 Discussion [PS4 | PC]
« Last post by BigC_019 on Yesterday at 11:01:51 pm »
Well hopefully they've fixed the tyre glitch where you get a DSQ for not using a certain tyre when you did and everyone's T300 wheels FFB disappeared mid-race on a beta social -- so they better fix that haha
Formula 1 League (F1) / Re: [F1] Paddock
« Last post by Musical Venom on Yesterday at 10:42:37 pm »

Musical Venom Damon Hill announced for F1 Broadcast team

League racing rookie turned racing regular on the track during PSGL's F1 2016 era and members of the paddock also came to know the unintended Damon Hill impressionist for his sometimes blunt commentary in various races and divisions across PSGL during that time, particularly Formula Performance when he oversaw the madness of the eight driver title decider in Season 2 of that period. 

Clearly his efforts did not go unnoticed and despite the broadcasting greats of Michael Owen, Harry Enfield, Cheryl of X-Factor fame and James "Is That Glock" Allen all being strongly rumoured for the job the F1 admin team decided to go for someone cheaper and hire Musical Venom for the role instead. To promote the new F1 season, the English Born Italian stallion spoke to the press after driving the 1996 Williams F1 car that he didn't win a world championship in.

His first interview didn't go to plan.

After he was thrown out, Venom spoke again and this time his thoughts for the season.

"Its exciting isn't it? Real exciting. We've got some of the best drivers PSGL has ever seen from the past and present as well as stars of PSGL's future ready to make a name for themselves this season. The new 2017 cars are a totally different beast to the last few eras of PSGL and with that in mind I believe we will see the quickest laps ever in PSGL history when it comes to qualifying and the fastest laps.

Its a real shot in the dark to predict who is going to win the title this year, its a very open field full of quality drivers, its a top class grid. Some would say you can't look beyond the seven time champion making his return to the grid and BigC with his reputation and success would be favourite for many. Sometimes though, comebacks don't go to plan as another seven time champion would testify to. Something certainly that JackLacey will be hoping for as he defends his championship that was so well deserved for him last season.

Getting to the top of the mountain is a tough task, staying there with everyone wanting to pull you down to crash back to earth is harder still. The same is true of motorsport, when you are the champion there is no greater pressure when you have not just your team mate to win against but every single other driver on the grid wants to beat you too and steal your crown and I am very intrigued to see how the new champion copes with that.

When you have drivers such as JackLacey plus the reigning double F2 champion from F1 2016 in Gamer Da Best, Shortbread, Nickpyne, Taimurazeem, the rookie sensation PzalanHUN and the Race of Champions winner Paudie mixed in with PSGL legends like Irun, BigC Faunus how can you not look forward to seeing these guys go head to head with these 2017 spec speed machines?

The new type of F1 car will require an adapted driving style required to cope with the higher cornering speeds and potentially more difficult conditions to overtake because of the wakes created by the lower wings. These conditions could see someone who wasn't quite there in the 2016 era find those new cars perfect for them and rise up unexpectedly in the new campaign.

We also know that with the new Simulation damage in place, the margins for errors will be even smaller out there than they already were but given the quality of the drivers in question here, I am confident we won't see too many incidents.

It could take at least three races before we see a pattern of who has adapted the best to the new regulations during the course of the 14 races but I am honoured that I was asked to be the man to commentate PSGL's premier racing division for the season to come and will do my best to make sure I catch the best of the action.

The season is going to be fantastic and for PSGL it all begins again in Bahrain. I'll see you all there with the best seat in the house for what I hope is great on track entertainment.

Good luck to the grid. Cheers. "

Formula 2 League (F2) / Re: [F2 2017 S1] Teammate Thread
« Last post by KeelanR10 on Yesterday at 10:29:24 pm »
2.Force India

I don't really mind what teammate I have
PS4 Games Discussion / Re: F1 2017 Discussion [PS4 | PC]
« Last post by Musical Venom on Yesterday at 09:00:18 pm »
Tiametmarduk has put up some preview videos on his channel

Career mode has some neat attentions to detail. For example between sessions in the background you can hear the support races going on. Again not really important but small details like that are needed for immersion.

Career looks more to it than last time, fingers crossed they nail the multiplayer stability too.

Formula 1 League (F1) / Re: [F1] Paddock
« Last post by BigC_019 on Yesterday at 06:42:55 pm »
BigC: New additions add quality on track and off track

Seven-time champion BigC believes the Formula 1 league's latest additions xMayhemMadness and Lordyboy add much-needed quality to the Formula 1 league as their places on the grid have been confirmed for the season ahead.

The 21-year-old believes the duo are great additions as it maintains a strong grid going into season 18.

Lordyboy leads Red Bull teammate BigC in Season 11

Speaking after a meeting with the FIA, BigC said:

''We are delighted to welcome them both to the league. Not only are they great drivers, but they are great people as well. League racing is not just about speed but the way you conduct yourself during and after races. It is important to have two drivers who not only know how to have a laugh but know how to race properly, race fast and race hard.

''Lordy pushed me close up until the final couple of rounds in S14, he had some of his own issues which hampered that season but not once did he blame anyone else or cry about it, so I respect him for that. I had a great battle with Mayhem at Singapore in S16, so I hope to have many more in the future. As admins, we would much rather have two slightly slower drivers who conduct and act in the correct manner rather than two faster drivers who don't know how to race wheel to wheel or cry a lot. I hope both of them are committed and prove to be great additions to the league.''
Just a headsup that the recruitment team is no longer active, so admins have to sort their own leagues out from now on. ;)
Full grid. Anyone else who signs up will go down as a reserve.

1 commentator slot open
F1 2017 Sign Up & Information / Re: [PSGL F1] 2017 Placements for Season 1
« Last post by RDO_1998 on Yesterday at 03:09:05 pm »
milanpop leaving psgl so tamlad joins f3

Any reason?

wanted a break
F1 2017 Sign Up & Information / Re: [PSGL F1] 2017 Placements for Season 1
« Last post by humanfish on Yesterday at 03:06:48 pm »
milanpop leaving psgl so tamlad joins f3

Any reason?
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