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F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 11: USA GP
« Last post by Cheater-Cheater-Cheater on Today at 02:24:31 am »

Q: 3rd

Decent banker lap, lost some time through turns 12 and 13. Started my second flying lap and invalidated it through the fast esses. Pretty fortunate to end up in the top three.

R: 2nd

I think I had a decent start, seemed pretty level with the guys ahead. Frome braked a little earlier and I was nearly able to make a move. There was no chance I was going to risk going side by side through the esses though, not a bloody chance. I settled into third as Frome managed to create a gap over the next few laps. That was until he lost the car on the exit of one on lap four. I nearly didn't go for that gap as it looked like he was closing the gap. Thankfully all was okay. He ended up getting stuck behind me for a little while before pitting early, trying to get the undercut. I wasn't even sure what strategy I was on at this point. Everyone was saying it was a two stop pre-race, I just did my thing and kept an eye on Friso. Those last couple of laps on the ultras were bloody awful. No grip at all, I nearly had a spin on the lap before I came in. Friso pitted on lap 10, I stayed out for one more lap, long enough to see he'd went onto the softs. Good enough for me. I pitted that lap.

I came out just ahead of Grumpy, just behind Clyde and JackTyler. They were squabbling a little bit, enabling me to get DRS. I made a simple move on Clyde at the end of the straight. I then got past Jack, with the help of DRS, on the home straight as he had a poor exit. He didn't fancy staying behind and tried to make a move from a long way back into turn 12. That move definitely wasn't on. I'm not quite sure what happened as we went into 15. I think Grumpy was going to make the move on Jack and Jack had attempted another lunge on me. There was a coming together and I was pretty lucky not to spin or suffer any damage. I managed to pull away after this.

Frome eventually pitted again and came out about seven seconds down the road on the supersofts. He slowly closed the gap and finally made the move into 11 on lap 25. I tried a cutback, Frome had DRS though and kept the place. I was in a familiar position here. I knew Frome had penalties, all I had to do was stay close.

As per, I can't complain about this result. I was a little worried before the race as I hadn't felt comfortable with any setups I'd tried. Thankfully it came together nicely. Congrats to Friso on ANOTHER top drive. Frome, sorry that penalties ruined another good drive for you.

Looking forward to next week, Abu Dhabi always throws up some nice fights. See you all there. :103:
Gamer can claim his fourth PSGL drivers' title, his first in the top division, with a victory today with Louis finishing 10th and Jamie outside of the points.
F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 11: USA GP
« Last post by ijsimo on Yesterday at 11:27:53 pm »

Decent late lap again. Seem to be making a good habit of this


I put on ultrasofts with 4 laps to go for fastest lap.

That sums up how my race went pretty well. Absolute disaster. Thank goodness frome got on the podium. He's keeping Renault's push for third in the constructors alive.

On the only plus side, I did get fastest lap

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F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 11: USA GP
« Last post by Musical Venom on Yesterday at 11:05:20 pm »

Q: 1st, Genuinely didn't think that would be enough but it was a pretty nice lap if I do say so myself  :D

R: 1st, A really good race for myself and my team mate importantly, so we have a shot at the constructors and the drivers (for me anyway) next week.
The start was crap, got a little bit of a slide and Ash just had a better one, as a result he passed me into T1. I was able to regain the lead on the 2nd DRS straight and into that tight left hander, although the move was not complete until the corner just before the long right hander, I had a better run coming out of that one and got the position. It was quite aggressive from both of us and made for some decent viewing I hope!

Not much happened for me after that, Ontothepodium allowed me to go past I think (And thanks for that :D) but really as I've found a lot this season it was just simply keeping it clean and not messing up whilst in the lead.

Overall that was the best result for the sake of the last round, whoever wins takes the title/whoever finishes ahead (If I get 2 more points only, I win on count back, 5 wins to 4) and the constructors being at just 4 points, it sets up a tense last race, 5 of us have something to play for.
F4 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F4] Round 11: USA GP
« Last post by Musical Venom on Yesterday at 10:01:03 pm »
Quali: 9th

Decent first run had me in 6th. Was a second up on that in the second run, invalidated penultimate corner and dropped to 9th. Really annoyed with that error

Race: 7th

Made as ever a good start and was challenging for positions into the first corner and spent the first stint staring at the back of other cars, unable to pass. Did a 1 stop but race pace was non existant compared to those in front despite the softs performing better than the used US. Did massively undercut Clyde to be well clear of him when he made his stop.

Attempted to keep faster cars/tyres behind who were two stopping but it was hopeless. Finished 7th jumping ahead of my team mate thanks to pens. Only 1 race of the season left thankfully and I can forget this awful campaign.
Premiership Fixtures and Results / FIFA 18 - Premier League - Week 5 Results
« Last post by humanfish on Yesterday at 09:43:11 pm »


cocogym / RB Leipzig   v   Boywithnoface / Fenerbahce
Fragglepaul / Crystal Palace   v   JPGreenwood / Nice
ksljr1975 / FC Augsburg   v   NPyne / Leicester City
mrgrumpy1989 / PSV Eindhoven   v   lampy1 / Zenit Saint Petersburg
mrstim96 / Lyon   v   Liam_Brown96 / Marseille
SOY-BARCA / Southampton   v   Vds1923fcrb / Espanyol

Boywithnoface / Fenerbahce   v   cocogym / RB Leipzig
JPGreenwood / Nice   v   Fragglepaul / Crystal Palace
lampy1 / Zenit Saint Petersburg   v   mrgrumpy1989 / PSV Eindhoven
Liam_Brown96 / Marseille   v   mrstim96 / Lyon
NPyne / Leicester City   v   ksljr1975 / FC Augsburg
Vds1923fcrb / Espanyol   v   SOY-BARCA / Southampton

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Formula 3 League (F3) / Re: [F3] Constructor's Standings
« Last post by ashbest122 on Yesterday at 09:34:58 pm »

After USA
Formula 3 League (F3) / Re: [F3] Driver's Standings
« Last post by ashbest122 on Yesterday at 09:32:20 pm »

After USA
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