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F3 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F3] Round 6: Canadian GP
Race report:

Qualifying: P1

Full wet conditions were hard with my full dry setup. Managed to get pole by .086 to 3rd place. Extremely close. Feel like I messed up in my lap and could of done better than that but still very happy with Back-2-Back pole positions.

Race: P1

"WOOOHOOOOO! YEEEEES!" Something like that was my reaction coming across the line today.

Decided to do a 2 stop with US-SS-US. First US tyre went to bin within 12 laps. Funny enough tyre wear after was all good. Weird but still. Came out P4 ahead FrnkDnk and it wasn't a struggle to pull a gap on new SS to him old SS. Took the lead back on lap 14 or 15(can't exactly remember) with Badboy pitting for Softs. Started making a gap and by lap 26 it was 12s. Then I decided to come into the pits for US tyres to go to the end. Tyre wear AGAIN was really good so some alien activity in first stint. Ended up coming ahead of Frome and 3s behind Badboy. Then the mission started. I managed to get behind him within 2 laps and got past him quite easily into 2nd Chicane on lap 30. Then just pulled out a gap to win by 0.7s but according to ash the 5s penalty for speeding into pits becomes a 10s penalty. We asked admins, I checked codies forum and everyone is saying that it's 5s instead of 10s which got me the win.

Congrats to Badboy on first F3 podium and Frome for making double podium for Renault 2 weeks back to back! Let's go to Baku :)
Fortnite / Re: Fortnite Discussion
I love snipers on this game. Usually get about 5+ kills a game with a sniper and few with assault rifle
Announcements / Re: New Forum - Raise issues and report bugs
Would it be possible to make 'Recent posts' on phone smaller? I don't know about others but it's massive on my phone . I am not sure if it's supposed to be like that but it takes most of my screen on the phone when it takes such a small part of my pc screen and that makes it a bit odd. Maybe just my phone and on others it's fine but just wanted to point it out.

Announcements / Re: PSGL Maintenance 17/02/2018
Not a fan at all.

- Some topics are gone missing(F1,F2,F3, standings)
- Harder navigation
- Hard to see new replies within forum section
- Mobile version is completely different compared to PC version
- Can't edit text unless you know the coding

I'll be honest, I don't like the look of this style. Many new issues due to the move.
Formula 3 League (F3) / Re: [F3] Ted's Notebook

Monaco Grand Prix


Narrow streets of Monte Carlo have brought us a huge present to all the F1 fans that were watching the race in the streets of principality or at home by their TVs. It was a Renault this time round on pole position of mrstim96 that took it to make Renaults first appearance on the front row followed by usual perspective wocko25 in Force India and McLaren driver Abiodun in 3rd place to lock out the front 3.

mrstim96 has claimed Pole Position with a 1.10.572 on fastest tyre compound that was available for this weekend, the purple wall Ultra-Soft tyre was fitted to Renault for the race start.



The race had a great opening lap with mrstim96 leading the way into Sainte Devote and taking early advantage over the rest of the pack while they were battling out for positions. Wocko has remained in 2nd after Lap 1 with Abiodun in 3rd. Lap 7 gave us a surprise as mrstim96 the race leader received front wing damage which was affecting his performance and gave wocko25 a chance of getting close and an opportunity to overtake the Renault driver but all attempts were unsuccessful which followed wocko pitting early to make an attempt of an undercut, but it backfired straight away on the Force India driver and he rejoined behind ontothepodium which made wocko lose time and pretty much any chance of winning in the narrow streets of Monte Carlo.

Meanwhile mrstim96 was losing time with front wing, abiodun in McLaren was making his way to stim, until lap 14 when Renault pit crew took mrstim’s car for a pit-stop for Super-Soft tyre and front wing repairements. Abiodun pitted a lap later which gave him the lead of the race as FlyingFrome was still yet to pit. After Frome’s pit stop, Abiodun took the lead with Stim in 2nd and flyingfrome rejoining in 3rd. Abiodun and Stim were scrapping for several laps until race changing incident happen when Abiodun broke early into Rascasse forcing Stim to go to the outside and due to McLaren locking up, Abiodun hit Front Right tyre of mrstim sending him into the wall and major front wing damage. Incident was reported by Renault Management but Stewards felt like it was Stims fault for attempting a move round the outside while Stim had nowhere to go as Abiodun was on the inside breaking early.

Mrstim pitted a lap later as he was too close to the pits and the team was not ready to take him so he was forced to stay out and after the pit-stop, rejoining in 4th behind the Williams of ontothepodium and mrstim managed to negotiate the Williams driver pretty quickly by going up the inside of Rascasse to make his way back to the podium by imitating a move that wocko has done earlier in the race on ontothepodium. After that it was a done deal for top 3 but more action happened further down the grid when ChulloCookie made a phenomenal move on Cheater-Cheater into Mirabeau to take P7.

Abiodun crossed the line in first being 25 seconds ahead of flyingfrome in second and mrstim96 has rounded up the podium with a phenomenal Renault 2-3. 


Team by Team Report

Haas had an okay Monaco Grand Prix with both drivers scoring points and taking the lead of Constructors Championship by solid 5 points over Force India coming to Canada with RobotSophie going to miss next 3-4 races due to personal reasons so Haas will be a 1 man team which means that it is likely that Force India will take back the lead very soon.

Force India are demoted to 2nd in Constructors Standings with their star wocko25 having a DNF in narrow streets of Monaco and stephenl-95 scoring 2 points to the team's bank. Force India are main favours to win Constructors Championship but other teams are picking up their game so maybe, we will not see Force India doing the job anymore. Only time will give us the answer.

Moving to Renault F1 Racing, phenomenal race for them in Monaco and especially for mrstim96. Renault have got their first Pole Position of the season as well as double podium here in Monte Carlo. Flyingfrome has managed to take 2nd after starting 4th on a grid but not without luck of wocko25 and frome’s teammate issues mrstim96 losing their wings. Currently Renault are promoted to 3rd in WCC with 15 points behind the leader and 10 points behind 2nd place. Renault are really delighted how Monaco has went for them and they are looking for another superb race in Montreal.

Moving to Red Bull Racing F1 Team, both cars have failed to score points which is a disaster for them. Red Bull have been bugged down to 4th on 35 points by Renault and Red Bull are looking to bounce back next race with solid points.

McLaren, absolutely unbelievable job from F1 seniors. A win by Abiodun and 5th place finish from badboy has promoted McLaren to 5th in Constructors as they start to pick up their game after pretty poor start to the season. Abiodun has shown great pace in Monaco winning by 25 seconds over 2 Renault cars to join him on the podium. McLaren are looking to keep their momentum going to following races to fight for Constructors Title this season.

Williams line up was looking okay throughout this season as they are 6th in Constructors now with ontothepodium scoring best finish this season for Williams team by managing to finish 4th in the end of the race. Carworld was looking strong for points but was unable to do that due to lack of concentration during the race which forced him to brake his wing and make 5 pit stops during the race.

Ferrari looks really weak this season with frisostolk having another DNF to his name and Cheater-Cheater scoring 3 points last race. This is Ferraris worse season in Formula 1 to this day and they are looking to change things really soon to not disappoint their fans which are millions of people.

Sauber with another awful race with both drivers not scoring points. Aaron_taylor had issues with the car and was forced to retire while fragglepaul has not even made it to the grid. Sauber are 8th in the Standings are they are not looking good this season.

In P9 it is Toro Rosso team which is Red Bulls sister team. Toro Rosso is having a very poor season with being able to score only 6 points in 4 races! With JT_Killer being removed from the Grid, it’s now revealed the xRossi21 will be taking his seat to make an attempt of scoring points for Toro Rosso team.

Rounding off the Constructors Standings is Mercedes. 3 points over the course of the season is showing that the car is really not up to date with modern Formula 1 regulations and things need to be improved within the team otherwise, they will suffer big loss by the end of the season. Will Mercedes bounce back? Time will show.

With Formula 3 moving to Canada for Round 5 of the Championship, it will be interesting to see how teams do and I can tell you, you don’t want to miss the action in Canada! Join our Formula 3 commentators “JPGREENWOOD” and “ashbest122" on Sunday 8pm.

Top 3 Overtakes of the Monaco Grand Prix


F3 Race Calendar and Results / Re: [F3] Round 6: Canadian GP
1.   Were you satisfied with your result in Monaco? YES
2.   Are you happy that we haven’t seen a wet session yet or do you like the rain? Yes
3.   Who do you think will be the F3 rain master? ME
4.   Who will finish on the podium in Canada? Wocko, me, frome
5.   Favourite Canadian Grand Prix Moment? Can't choose
6.   If you could only win 1 race as a driver, which race would it be? Already won a race before :D