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F6 Race Calendar and Results / F6 Round 10 Japan
« on: November 27, 2017, 08:31:09 am »

So a dominant victory by Odemdemz98 which is probably too late for the Drivers Championship but it was more of a "Come & get me" message to the higher leagues. However more races like that from the returning Odemdemz will see Ferrari climb up the Constructors standings. Mr consistency BUA9 with a 4th place in Singapore extends his championship lead to 30pts. There's an interesting mid table battle between Mertjon, Shoaib25, JT_Killer_, adeola2000 & SepiDN which is covered by 15pts. It was another bad day at the office for the McLaren & Mercedes teams with neither driver seeing the chequered flag & no Red Bull driver made it to the grid. Force India still has a healthy lead in the Constructors Championship & also 17pts covers from Torro Rosso in 2nd place to Ferrari in 5th place.

We move onto to Japan the land of the rising sun which is always an interesting race & the weather could also play it's part.

F6 Race Calendar and Results / F6 Round 9 Singapore
« on: November 20, 2017, 08:35:28 am »
So with his 3rd podium in a row BUA9 takes over the lead of the championship & it's a commanding lead with his nearest rival is 24pts behind him, Surely he's favourite for the championship now. An impressive performance by the newcomers of JT_Killer_, adeola 2000 & trevisbest finishing 3rd, 4th & 5th respectively. The consistency of the Force India drivers has seen them maintain there top spot in the constructors. Torro Rosso & Sauber are both one man armies at the moment will they be able to hold off the threat from the Haas team. There's a close battle between Mercedes, Williams & Ferrari teams with Renault not far behind. The 5th place finish from trevisbest has seen Red Bull jump McLaren leaving the McLaren team bottom of the pile.

1. What do you think the pole time will be?
2. If you could choose any team mate who would it be?
3. If you could choose any team who would it be?
4. Do you want the SC to be left on?

F6 Race Calendar and Results / F6 Round 8 Belgium
« on: November 13, 2017, 08:31:26 am »

It's becoming a season of two halves as we head to the Ardenne forest in Belgium. With BUA9's impressive 2nd place finish in Hungary he is now 9pts off the championship lead. The newcomers of JT_Killer_ & adeola2000 finishing in 1st & 3rd respectively they will have a say in the outcome off this championship even though it's probably too late for them to win it themselves. It was an impressive outing for the Renault team as for the first time both drivers finished in the points. Haas will be disapointed with their performance in Hungary & will be hoping to rectify that in Belgium. As per usual it was a bad day at the office for McLaren & Red Bull

Will you be attending the race?
Would you like to see the SC on?
Would you like to race in Monaco next season?
What are your hopes for the rest of the season?
Who's your biggest rival?

F6 Race Calendar and Results / F6 Round 7 Hungary
« on: November 06, 2017, 08:29:21 am »

At the halfway point of the season there's been a dramatic turn of events with 5 of F6's top drivers have decided to go onto pastures new in the F3 championship. stephenl-95, UnomiWonKentucky, wocko25, Badboy0368751 & Katya_stim29 have all made the jump & we wish them all the best in F3. stephenl-95 is still technically the championship leader but an impressive 2nd place from BUA9 in Great Britain leaves him only 21 points behind which he would hope he can make up. But the two Haas drivers have also been impressive this season & they'll both have something to say about the outcome of the championship. With the 5 drivers leaving there's definitely points up for grabs & perhaps even podiums. Both championships are wide open now & with some new blood joining us in Hungary the second half of the season should be an exciting one

1. Will you be attending the race?
2. Who do you think will win the race?
3. Who do you think is the favourite for the drivers championship?
4. Who do you think is the favourite for the constructors championship?
5. Who's your favourite F1 driver?

F6 Race Calendar and Results / F6 Round Six Great Britain
« on: October 30, 2017, 09:14:08 am »

So after the two domminant victories by JD-_-7 in Spain & Canada the rest of the field will be pleased to see the back of him as he moves into bigger things in the F2 league. It seems that consistency is the key for stephenl-95 as he extends his championship lead with a solid 4th place in Canada which was aided by wocko25 unable to take part. The top three seem to be stretching their legs a bit at the top of the table however there's been great pace shown by Badboy0368751 & katya_stim29 & they will feel there's still time to make an impact.

Wer'e at the halfway point of the season & the story so far is that they're 4 or 5 drivers that are fighting for victories where as the rest of the field are scrapping over the rest of the points. The two drivers for the Haas team have consistently scored points all season & are doing reasonbly well in both championships. It's a tale of woe for the struggling teams of Renault, McLaren & Red Bull who will be hoping for a better second half of the season.

We head to Great Britain for round six & all I can say to the crowd is bring your wellies & umbrellas to the circuit as traditionaly there is a high chance of rain in Silverstone which may give some much needed opportunities for the backmarkers

1. Are you attending the race?
2. Who will get pole position?
3. Who will finish in the podium?
4. What are your result expectations for the drivers and constructors Championship?
5. Who would you say is your rival in Formula 6?

F6 Race Calendar and Results / F6 Round Three Russia
« on: October 09, 2017, 08:55:49 am »

So after Bahrain we all thought that wocko25 would be the one to beat this season but stephenl-95 had other ideas with an empthatic victory in China. With perhaps one of the best strategy calls we have ever seen in PSGL he made the right calls at the right times in mixed weather conditions which saw him take the victory by over 30secs over his nearest rival. The constructors Championship looks like it could be an exciting one this season as there was a new addition to the Williams team in China which saw them score a double points finish along with Force India & Haas. They'll be a new addition to the Mercedes team in Russia so they'll be hoping to be in the mix as well. Both Renault & Mclaren look like they're gonna be scrapping over points at the lower end & as Red Bull & Ferrari yet to get off the mark it looks like those four teams will struggle this season.

Russia is our first European destination this season  & unlike China it's a very narrow track so we could see a lot of ambitious overtaking but like China the weather could have an impact on this race.

I hope to see you all there.

1.Are you satisfied with your results for china?
2.Who will win between you and your team mate in Russia?
3.Who will take pole?
4.Podium predictions?
5.Has Hamilton won his 4TH title?
6.Are Redbull Racing making a come back?

F6 Race Calendar and Results / [F6] Round 2: Chinese GP (05/10/17)
« on: October 02, 2017, 07:50:51 am »

After an exciting race in the desert of Bahrain we move from the middle east to the far east in China. wocko25 had a comfortable victory in Bahrain & looks like he's gonna be the driver to beat this season. It looks like the Constructors championship could be exciting this season with both drivers of the Force India & Haas team bringing home a good haul of points. The weather in China can be very unpredictable & can catch drivers out which could give much needed opportunities for them McLaren, Red Bull & Sauber teams. Any sort of presence from the Ferrari team will be a welcome bonus. We all hope the race in China will be as good as Bahrain & with the threat of rain possibly more enjoyable for the viewers at home

1. Are you pleased with your results for driver championship and constructors?
2.Driver who most suprised you at bahrain?
3.What are your F1 2017 goals for league racing ?
4.Pole prediction for china time and driver?
5.Who will be on the podium in china?
6.Favourite TV show?

F6 Race Calendar and Results / Round 1 Bahrain
« on: September 25, 2017, 07:03:48 pm »

So after much delay we can finaly look foward to the start of the F6 campaign in the desert of Bahrain. With a lot of new faces to F6 & a few old one's it should be a fascinating season to watch with the early favourites Badboy0368751 &  wocko25 looking to put down an early marker for the season. Whatever happens it should be an exciting race

F6 Race Calendar and Results / Constructors Championship
« on: September 25, 2017, 06:50:12 pm »

F6 Race Calendar and Results / Driver's Championship
« on: September 25, 2017, 06:43:19 pm »

F6 Race Calendar and Results / Pre season race #3 Austria
« on: September 17, 2017, 06:37:47 pm »
So this past Thursday was very disapointing in terms of the race itself & participation. Apparently there's a patch coming out soon which focuses on online so hopefully the problems we've experienced like the pit lane glitch will be eliminated. We can't delay the start of the season forever so whatever happens the season will start on Tuesday 28th with F6 starting on the following Thursday. With the number of people who have taken part in the two warm up races I am very disapointed, I understand that we all have lives outside PSGL but not turning up without saying anything is frustrating for me especially as there are people waiting to join PSGL. It's only been pre season so far so I think I've said enough now but just be warned if you miss three races during the season without saying anything you will be removed from the league. Anyway enough of the negative stuff I hope to see all of you this Thursday in Austria 8pm Uk time & hopefull we will have an incident free race

F6 Race Calendar and Results / Pre season race #2 - Australia
« on: September 09, 2017, 10:14:54 pm »
The powers of be are still not happy with the quality of the online game at the moment so the start of the season is being delayed until they're satisfied so this coming Thursday (14/9/17) at Australia. I wasn't impressed with the turnout in Monza to be honest & the lack of contact from some people, I'm hoping for a much better turnout this Thursday. Also I think it would be a good idea to switch damage from Sim which is very sensitive & you can pick up punctures when running over debris to full damage, thoughts?

F6 Team and Driver Profiles / Driver's lineup
« on: August 29, 2017, 09:28:20 am »

Driver 1: Steverav1

Driver 2: Kirinji_divus

Driver 1: F1_MrP80

Driver 2:

Driver 1: Razzzpkr

Driver 2:Timmeh_15

Driver 1: adeola2000

Driver 2: Kalimotxo_ABZ

Driver 1:Uivalf39

Driver 2: RhysKingston67

Driver 1: JT_KILLER_

Driver 2: hamiltonf1driver

Driver 1: shoaib25

Driver 2: MorrisGuy2012

Driver 1: Sepidn

Driver 2: Mertjon


Driver 1:

Driver 2: BUA9


Driver 2: Shawzo1982

F6 Race Calendar and Results / Pre season race - Monza
« on: August 27, 2017, 01:08:40 am »
Ok guys our first & maybe last warm up race will take part in Monza on the 7th September 8pm UK time, Hope to see you all there

F6 Team and Driver Profiles / Car selection
« on: August 27, 2017, 01:02:10 am »
Ok guys wer'e not far away now from the first race of the season so it's now time to get car & teams sorted so can you please put down your first three choices of car in order of preference. Admins will get priority then people will get first choice based on the results from last season then it's first comes first served.

F6 Race Calendar and Results / F6 Race Calendar
« on: August 10, 2017, 08:26:56 pm »
Ok this is a new race calendar for F6 contrary to my previous post. It will be a 14 race season starting on the 14th September in Bahrain & then every Thursday at 8pm. So this is how our calendar will look like.

28th September - Bahrain
5th October        - China
12th October      - Russia
19th October      - Spain
26th October      - Canada
2nd November    - Britain
9th November     - Hungary
16th November   - Belgium
23rd November   - Singapore
30th November   - Japan
7th December     - USA
14th December   - Abu Dhabi

So I hope all you guys like the calendar, When everyone has the new game we can start thinking about doing some preliminary races but until then.

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