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Formula 2 Championship Season 17
Round 12
Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi

Race preview:

For the very last time on this game the F2 grid will round of the season in Abu Dhabi! Gamer currently leads the championship by 8 points and has to finished 4th to guarentee his championship if Parkway wins the race. So who will come out on top in tonight's race? Will it be Parkway or Gamer? Can Beasthas repeat what he did last season here? Will Jake finally get his win from this season? It's all to play for in this exciting GP so join us in tonight's race and be apart of the atmosphere!

Season 16 Top 3:

1. Beasthas
2. Sambamkid
3. JakeLFC01

Track layout:

F2 Pre-Race Questions:
1. Are you attending?
2. How would you rate your season?Who surprised you the most?
3. Who will be the Drivers/Constructors Champion?
4. Hungarian GP Predictions?
5. Top 3 Race Predictions?

Formula One Channel (Coming Soon) / [F2] Constructors Standings
« on: April 21, 2017, 12:50:49 pm »

Formula One Channel (Coming Soon) / [F2] Drivers Standings
« on: April 21, 2017, 12:50:16 pm »


The Weekends Schedule:

Formula 1 Main Event - Start 7:30pm -


F1WWFC 24 Hour Formula 1 Event - Start 7am/8am -

Faunus01 6 Hour Project Cars Event -

JakeWarrior and Snakes 8 hour Gaming Session - Start at 12pm -

Battlefield 1 Event with Teddyuk - Start at 10pm -


Fifa Pro Clubs Event - Starts at 2pm to 7.30pm -



Hello and welcome to the F1 Main Event scheduled for the 24th of February where we will be rasing money for the Special Effect Charity. This has been done for the last two years and almost £1000 has been raised for this charity. The target for this charity is £250 but with the help from the F1 sector of PSGL we can exceed that. Here's a reminder of why we are doing this and also information about Special Effect.

Special Effect Website:

GameBlast Prize Draw
Everyone who donates and takes part in a PSGL GameBlast event will be entered into a prize draw for a £30 PSN voucher.
For every £1 donated, the name of that individual will be entered once. So if you donate £10, your name will be entered 10 times into the prize draw. If you donate £1, your name will be entered once.

Information of the Event:

Date: 24/02/17
Time: 7:30 Start Time
Minimum Donation: £1.00
£3.00 or more = Car Choice.

Semi-Final :
Monza, Italy.
25%/One-Shot Qualifying
2 Pools.
42 Drivers Maximum.
1 commentator each pool.
Top 10 from each pool advance to Final.

Silverstone, UK
50%/Short Qualifying
20 Drivers Maximum
2 commentators.

SIGN-UP Information:

What you do in PSGL?:
Have you enjoyed being apart of PSGL?
How much you will be donating?

Once you have signed up and have donated to Special Effect you will be randomly put into Pool A or B.

Make sure you leave your forum name when leaving a comment in the donation area.


1. NPyne - £5.00 - Ferrari
2. Jake_lfc01 - £5.00 - Mercedes
3. Mrstim - £10.00 - Williams
4. QPRBeasts - £5.00 - RedBull
5. Tejaurr - McLaren
6. xRossi21 - £15 - Red Bull
7. Defiant - £5 - Williams
8. Faunus - £25 - Ferrari

F1 Archives / [PSGL F1] Stewards Office
« on: January 07, 2017, 10:23:07 pm »

PSGL F1 Race stewards

Post in this thread video proof of incidents occurring in races between yourselves and other drivers. Please post in a mature manner.
Time penalties and wrongful illegal overtake penalties will be resolved by your league admin, approach them directly via pm.
 Any derogatory posts which involve finger pointing and instigating an argument will be thrown out and not considered.
The stewards will look into all incidents get back to you with findings in this thread, please use the template provided when reporting.

Video link:
Time of incident in video:
Drivers involved:
League F1/F2/F3/F4/F5/FA/F1NAC/FP
What happened:
How did it affect your race:
Did the driver rectify the issue:   

Welcome to the PSGL Formula 1 Stewards’ Office.

In here, we will outline the general process for reviewing any race incidents which may require further discussion and action.

Drivers must post in a mature manner, any derogatory posts which involve finger pointing, instigating an argument, or any abusive posts, will be deleted and the appeal rejected.

1. Guidelines

- Drivers should post video evidence of any incident occurring between themselves and other drivers.  If the video is long or covers more than just the incident in question (more than a couple of minutes, e.g. a live stream) then the specific times of the incidents in the video must be given.

- Use the following template for reporting incidents:
      Video Link:
      Time of Incident in Video:
      Drivers involved:
      League F1NAC/F1/F2/F3/F4/F5/FA/FP:
      What happened:
      How did it affect your race:
      Did the driver rectify the issue:

- Time penalties due to game glitches (e.g. illegal overtake penalties under false yellow flag) should be resolved with the league admin, not the stewards.

- In-game applied time penalties for corner cutting will not be removed unless under exceptional circumstances.

- The stewards will post decisions publically in the thread.  It is the responsibility of the league admins and affected drivers to check the stewards office thread for penalties applicable to themselves or their league.

- In exceptional circumstances the stewards can intervene and apply actions/penalties if an incident occurs but is not officially reported or appealed by another driver, e.g. if something is observed whilst viewing other footage or a race stream.

2. Appointed PSGL Formula 1 League Stewards
The appointed PSGL Formula 1 League Stewards are:
- bluemosquito
- webcam17
- MacPhee
- Parkwaydrive

3. Actions/Penalties Available

Depending on the severity of an incident, the stewards can apply the following penalties:

- Warning
- Reprimand (see below)
- Time penalties between 5-30 seconds
- Disqualification from the race results
- Qualifying ban for the next race
- Race ban for the next race
- Removal from the league (agreement from F1 director and the applicable league admin required)

Reprimands: If a driver accumulates 3 reprimands in one season, a further penalty will be applied.  The type of penalty is at the discretion of the stewards.

A combination of penalties can also be applied (for example disqualification from current race + qualifying ban for the next race).

Time penalties can be applied to either the current race results, or can be carried over to the next race.

A suspended penalty can also be applied (for example only a warning may be issued for a minor incident, but a suspended race ban can be given, meaning that a repeat incident at the next race automatically results in a race ban).

4. Corner Cutting

The details from the in-game race director screen must be captured by the league admin after each race.

Time penalties or DSQ will be actioned as per the main Rules/Race Procedure thread.

Final race results only stand after all penalties have been applied.

5. Notes for the Stewards:

- Stewards are responsible for regularly checking the Stewards Office thread on the forum and initiating group discussions using the private messaging system.  The F1 Director, the relevant league admin, and drivers involved with incidents can be consulted as necessary.

- As the stewards volunteer their own time and not everyone can be available all the time, if at least 2 stewards can agree on a decision and actions or penalties to be applied (assuming that the other stewards have not responded or objected to the decision), the decision can be considered final and posted publically.

- Stewards should not contribute to the decision making for leagues in which they race themselves (e.g. if you are a racer in F2 and an incident is reported for F2, you cannot be involved in determination of actions/penalties). They are however still entitled to comment and provide evidence for that league and incidents involving themselves.


AMS x1
Markete x1
Rick x1

Season Three / F1 Community Race 2 - Saturday 27th August
« on: August 18, 2016, 02:53:26 pm »
PSGL F1 2016 Community test race.

Kicking it off early this season we will be hosting a community race, we will be using these races to test a number of settings for next season, if you wish to participate please add your name to the post and I will add you to the list .

Day: Saturday 27th August
Time: 8:00pm GMT (UK time)
Track: Canada
Race distance: 50%
Qualifying: Q1, Q2 and Q3.
Formation lap: Yes
Safety car: Yes
Damage model: Simulation

Each race will be different as we include you the community in helping us test new issues and ways to make our Championships.

Testing Full Qualifying and Simulation Damage.
Comment Team you would like to be and any questions you have.

Participants 20/20

Mercedes- BakersF1 & KeithC
Ferrari- Tejaurr & Sargent
Red Bull- BigC & LordyBoy
Williams- Cool132 & Tigerkart
Force India- Boywithnoface & ConnorDuff
Toro Rosso-gamefreaker & jake_lfc01
Renault- Mrgrumpy1989 & sh33py
McLaren- CDMagu & CheepFX
Haas- PhilMcGivern & Tranquility
Manor- RDO_1998 & Jage2304[/

Reserves: 1. MayhemMadness

Commentators - 2/2
1. Fanaus
2. Mrstim

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