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Formula 5 Championship - Round 3 - Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya - Spain

Round 3 of the PSGL Formula 5 calendar takes us to the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in sunny Spain. This track is notorious for destroying tyres, especially the left side. Long sweeping corners are the primary feature of this 4.655 kilometer track, but there are not as many as there once were, turn 10 and 11 were a single left hand sweeper before 2004, and turn 13 and the chicane were once a single right hand turn before 2007. A good start is important here due to the long run up to turn 1, so reaction times will be key.

Track Features:
Full Throttle: 67%
Longest Flat-Out Section: 1310m
Downforce Level: High
Lap Record: 1:21.670 Kimi Raikkonen, 2008
Fastest Pole Lap: 1:19.149 Lewis Hamilton, 2017
Dumb Chicane ☑

Pre Race Questions:
1. Are you happy how your race turned out last time out?
2. Tyre degradation is typically high here, what will be the best strategy?
3. Who will be on the podium in Spain?
4. How could you improve your racing?
5. What are your objectives for this upcoming qualifying and race?

Nintendo / Xbox / PC Discussion / Counter Strike: Global Offensive
« on: June 12, 2016, 05:59:46 am »
Does anyone here happen to play CS:GO? I play it quite a bit, I mainly go on Casual and Arms Race. I have never touched competitive out of fear of being horrendous  :35:

I'm down to play with anyone if they are willing.

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