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Author Topic: [FNAC] R3 | Chinese GP| Shanghai International Circuit | 26/01/17 [8PM]  (Read 547 times)

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Re: [FNAC] R3 | Chinese GP| Shanghai International Circuit | 26/01/17 [8PM]
« Reply #16 on: January 27, 2017, 01:38:49 am »
Q: 2nd. Quite a nice lap, not much time to find and was pleased I was first of the soft runners.

R: 16th. Got jammybear on VSC restart and then had a great battle with phlilip for the next 17 laps with some great racing. Then on lap 19 I pitted and even though I was fully on the brakes for the pit lane, the game decided to stop decelerating me when I got to 90kph so I got a horsesh*t drive through for speeding. Then to compound my problems, the SC came out half a lap later which meant my race was over. Served my drive through on the SC restart and then got held up hugely by luke who was crawling around the track. I chose to vent my frustration by smashing into the pit wall across the line.

Not at all happy with the result. That was probably the best I have ever driven in a league race, no warnings, no mistakes, just the game decided to f*ck me up the butt. Not happy with solar either as he was way far back and crawling around the track. He prevented philip from overtaking me at one point down the backstraight and then retiring many laps after he should which brought out a SC which shouldn't have even come out with how far off the track he was.

Absolutely infuriated with this race and lost it through no fault of my own. Disappointed to not end with a battle with philip as we were having a great battle and it would've been fun to see how it developed in the last stint.


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Re: [FNAC] R3 | Chinese GP| Shanghai International Circuit | 26/01/17 [8PM]
« Reply #17 on: January 27, 2017, 08:37:32 am »
Q: P3, happy with the softs lap.. was 4 tenths up on my team mate through the first two sectors and lost that advantage in the last sector! Annoyed with that but the lap was solid. Congrats to Jammy on his first ever pole in PSGL! :113:

R: P1 :)

Got off the line well and tried around the outside of rockhammer into T1, he defended well and then the VSC came out.
Got back underway on the back straight and rick locked up into the hairpin and nearly took me out! Thankfully he avoided contact with everyone.
Rockhammer got passed Jammy on the restart and I knew I had to get through soon otherwise I'd lose to much time, next lap on the back straight I got the move done, now to chase down the leader!
Had good pace and on the next lap I was right behind him, what happened next was a 17 lap battle for the lead which I thouroughly enjoyed! Shame about the SC screwing you pal. I only have highlights of the first half of the race, unfortunately forgot to record but Faunus caught most of our battle!

Congrats to Jamie and Rick on your podiums, Jamie's gonna have to go in a tractor soon if he keeps up these results in a sauber! :13:

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Re: [FNAC] R3 | Chinese GP| Shanghai International Circuit | 26/01/17 [8PM]
« Reply #18 on: January 27, 2017, 05:14:08 pm »
No point in quali on on SS wouldn't have lasted much in race would of needed a 3 stopper and softs wouldnt of made top 10,  so gauged a lap on SS best I could for 14th. Started on new softs got blocked in a bit at start due to someone's lag, made it through then VSC strung field out. couldnt latch onto ppl to make a pass anywhere. Pitted for softs again then had same glitch as king, my car had like a pit limiter on it for length of pit entry even though my foot was flat to floor, it was at 49kph so was under pit lane speed limit but lost 8 secs of time. Got stuck behind a torro rosso then couldn't pull away from anyone. Had a battle with Ali at various points in race but that's it tbh. Pitted for whites then SC pitted for SS, made 1 place on track. A clean race no pens or damage.
All in all its looking like a long forgettable season ahead, I can't see getting a podium never mind a win at this rate. Must of been some pretty big bags of sand doing the rounds in test race cos I'm no where pace wise in back end cars and it not through lack of practice. Not sure if it's my driving style along with car allocation but it ain't happening at mo. Pleasing to see codies have a fix for tyre glitch, hope it arrives soon so we're all on equal footing in that respect. I'll add my highlights when I've done them.
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Re: [FNAC] R3 | Chinese GP| Shanghai International Circuit | 26/01/17 [8PM]
« Reply #19 on: January 27, 2017, 06:08:24 pm »
Qualifying: 5th               Race: 2nd

Qualifying lap was decent considering i was only 2-3 tenths off the McLaren's. Decent start to the race, managed to jump Jock at the VSC & avoid Rick's suicidal divebomb. Was heading for a safe 3rd before the safety car came out, gave it everything to catch Felipe but just fell short. Its a shame my teammate got screwed over by a glitch costing us valuable points, but fairplay to Phil on finally getting that deserved win & also to Rick.

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