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GAMEplay Channel / Re: Live Stream Schedule (NEW)
« Last post by teddyuk on Today at 03:54:09 pm »
I'm in and I've got a friend go can jump in
Challenge League / Re: [Driveclub] Challenge League - Week One
« Last post by mrstim96 on Today at 12:55:55 pm »
No. The RUF event is the sprint. The race will be done later. And will have a separate thread
Formula 1 2016 [PS4] / Re: [PSGL F1] Stewards Office
« Last post by Craig Pinchbeck on Today at 12:30:46 pm »
I just want to make a request to the stewards in light to simo's penalty for Japan which looks similar to my incident with Rossi, however their incident didn't result in terminal damage. Can I request that stewards include a short explanation as to how they reached their conclusions as I believe there is a severely lack of consistency. I cant understand how simo can receive a penalty for that incident when another incident very similar resulted in a racing incident.
Formula 1 2016 [PS4] / Re: [PSGL F1] Stewards Office
« Last post by ijsimo on Today at 11:27:16 am »

Me and simo
Divebombed me recklessly using my car as his brake. He has no room to atk my inside bcoz im already pass the braking zone and turning into the corner when simo who doesnt seem to even stop his car uses my car as the brake and forces me off track this happened in silverstone n broke my suspension on turn 1 these are the recklessly things that anger drivers bcoz people do impossible dives nd use u as a brake and almost brake ur suspension which is uncalled for this isnt online multiplayer be more careful.
I lost 2 or 3 places being forced off the track nd my race was effected enough tht i actually had the chance to challenge at the front if not had been in this collision .
Yeah he did.

EXAMPLE: 28.40
Me nd rdo the final chicane tightest space to go two cars side by side in japan very well calculated battle by us both enough respect to rdo brilliant driving but as u see im alongside before the braking zone my opponent is aware nd leaves enough space on the inside for the upcoming corner... In mine nd simo collision he doesnt calculate his braking time at all nd moves out the braking zone to my inside to atk when tht gap is easily closing before he can even slow down.

Stewards findings: The stewards found this incident was simo's fault, he was never going to make the corner and took out the car ahead
Decision: 15 second time penalty to be added to simo's race time at Canada
15 seconds? you want to take me through how you've arrived at that

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Formula 1 2016 [PS4] / Re: F1 2016 Video Thread
« Last post by jamie-995 on Today at 09:45:03 am »
NAC Japan:

F1NAC Race Calendar and Results / Re: Malaysia
« Last post by jamie-995 on Today at 09:43:57 am »
I'll just post this here since there's no Japan thread.

Qualifying 6th - Allowed myself to get distracted by phil's AI, running wide & almost certainly losing a 2nd row slot.

Race 1st - Bit frantic at the start with Phil being an AI again & Luke running wide, after that was able to get a nice overtake on shortbread around the outside of turn 1, then a simple DRS pass on Rick, before inheriting the lead from SQ after she got taken out by Solar & preventing me from beating her fairly. After that the rest of the race Rick constantly breathing down my neck, almost binning it & worrying if i would get a puncture again like last season, thank f**k it didn't happen this time.

Hopefully i can get the title wrapped up at Canada or the USA, then start to think about enjoying a short term retirement from PSGL.  :D

Challenge League / Re: [Driveclub] Challenge League - Week One
« Last post by humanfish on Today at 09:07:02 am »
Will be having a good go at these over the weekend, get the ball rolling and the competitive juices flowing!

I'll make up a little banner for the competitive race between us this weekend Stimmy. Is that the RUF event?
Fun and friendly competition Alan, that's what it should always be about. I hope the event goes well and people enjoy themselves wherever they finish.
Great to be here amongst such talent. I'm traditionally mid field but now have a great wheel setup and doing some good times. I'm really looking forward to this event
Did I read correctly? Silverstone. That's brilliant guys. I'm hoping to learn a lot from the lead guys and hopefully show how clean and consistent I can be.
Sports Discussion / Re: Formula 1 Discussion - Winter Break
« Last post by Musical Venom on Today at 07:07:33 am »
Red Bull have thrown up the white flag for this weekend already
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