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Sports Discussion / Re: Formula 1 Discussion
« Last post by Remco Vengeance on Today at 01:01:44 am »
Step forward Sauber.

Saw this earlier in the week, will be an interesting first attempt from Codies.

It's just a contest of who can abuse the game the best
Formula 1 League (F1) / Re: [F1] Paddock
« Last post by KillerBlue195 on Yesterday at 10:19:52 pm »
KillerBlue: 'I can fight for wins in Season 18'

Relative newcomer to PSGL, KillerBlue is bullish about his chances to contend at the sharp end of the grid for the coming season. After a slow start to life in PSGL in Season 16, the former Mercedes driver insists that with new machinery to contend with, no drivers should be labelled favourites for the new season as the Brit goes in search of his first race victory in the league.

'I would say I am disappointed with how I have performed in my career so far; there's no way around that,' the eighteen year-old had to say. 'I've achieved podiums and the second half of Season 17 was extremely positive as I secured fifth place in the championship after a poor start to the season. Mexico was a highlight, but I've made too many mistakes that need to be eliminated.'

Early testing runs on the 2017 prototypes was extremely encouraging for KillerBlue as he was able to compete with and, on occasion, out-perform established PSGL icons like JackLacey, BigC and Oogie. Both he and teammate Pzalan will be optimistic at securing a lucrative deal with a front-running team to bolster their title chances, both individually and in their hunt for the constructors' title. 'I think the constructors' has to be a realistic aim for us this season,' said Blue, with Season 17 rookie, Pzalan showing flashes of brilliance in his debut season.

'It's far too early to make any suggestions one way or another about who can win the championship on both counts and I'm not 100% certain I have the consistency to be there over the course of a season for the drivers,' the driver added. Despite dampening expectations, KillerBlue refused to rule out a title challenge, insisting that 'for sure, anything can happen and I'm hoping to fight for victories, definitely regular podiums.' Regardless, we won't have to wait to long for an indicator to the pecking order for Season 18 as the first pre-season events take place this Saturday, perhaps giving some signs as to who to watch out for over the coming twelve races.
Sports Discussion / Re: Formula 1 Discussion
« Last post by humanfish on Yesterday at 10:16:53 pm »
Step forward Sauber.

Saw this earlier in the week, will be an interesting first attempt from Codies.
Sports Discussion / Re: Formula 1 Discussion
« Last post by Musical Venom on Yesterday at 10:13:17 pm »
Think its in Ferrari's best interests to get a junior team now like Red Bull because they need to give their younger drivers F1 opportunities if they are going to keep guys like Kimi around still before another team poaches them.
PS4 Games Discussion / Re: F1 2017 Discussion [PS4 | PC]
« Last post by Musical Venom on Yesterday at 09:54:00 pm »
Personally hope they have done something to stop morons stopping on track and waiting for the leaders to come round to take them out.
Will post detailed reports tomorrow at some point, especially the 2nd game along with footage.

Man City (Liam) 1 - 1 PSG (me)

Di Maria

Aurier red card

PSG (me) 4 - 3 Man City (Liam)

Aguero (8, 67)
Navas (25)

Di Maria (15)
Draxler (64)
Cavani (75, 93)

Matuidi red card (10)

Good luck for the rest of the season mate. Well played and unlucky. I robbed a point in the 1st game and definitely robbed the win in the excellent 2nd game.
Formula 1 League (F1) / Re: [F1] Paddock
« Last post by pzalanHUN on Yesterday at 09:47:48 pm »
"A Team Which Is A Two Sided Weapon"
The rookie youngster,Pinter Zalan is the one who made  probably the most surprises last season is the one who I am going to interview.-A random English interviewer.
So,Pinter,what are your goals for next season?1
Well,I had a very good last season ,but I have to face the truth.A big miracle has to happen to be at the top next season.My aim is a top3 in both competitions.2.
Also,you have a new teammate,the very talented KillerBlue!Are the things going in the right way?1
We havent been chatting a lot,but he is a kind and good guy.Also,his pace was very good on last season and this season on the new game should suit him even more!I am looking forward to it!2
Teammates enjoying the summer break
And last,but not at least,the 7-time world champion has returned to the motorsport.What are his chances,will he be able to dominate again?1
The field is probably the toughest so it will be a hard work form him to stand at the top of the standigs at the end of the season.But we wont know until the very end,but dont forget,he is the legend F1!
The Return.
Thank you for the interview!1
No problem.2
Dont forget to tune in to Venom,who will cover the interesting battles with his beatiful voice :) : )
Championship Fixtures and Results / Re: Championship Table and Fixtures
« Last post by humanfish on Yesterday at 09:30:07 pm »
Default results have been awarded to all of RDO's opponents due to his disk issue.
I'll sign up as a standby driver or for whatever cars are left. I don't mind what car I get
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